IELTS predictions language

Choose one of the events at the bottom and say how likely you think it is using phrases similar to these:

1. It’s bound to happen/ I have no doubt that this will happen

2. I have almost no doubt that this will happen/ I’m 99% sure that this will happen

3. It’s very likely

4. It will probably happen

5. I think it’s quite likely/ There’s a fair chance that it will happen

6. It all depends/ It’s a toss up whether this will happen or not/ There’s a fifty-fifty chance that it will happen/ It may happen

7. This doesn’t seem very likely to me

8. I’d say that it’s fairly unlikely

9. I can’t see this happening/ I shouldn’t think that this’ll happen

10. There’s no chance that this will happen

11. This will never happen in a million years/ There’s absolutely no chance that this will happen

I will reach a near native level of English

I will become a great cook

I will take up a new hobby in the near future

I will reach the level of university professor/ CEO

My football team will win the championship this year

Robots will take over the world

I will be doing the same job in ten years’ time

I will have loads of kids

I will get an 8.0 in IELTS

My family or friends will throw me a surprise party for my next birthday

I will be nervous in the IELTS exam

The government will introduce more restrictions on the internet


PDF version for easy printing: IELTSPredictions

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