Experiences in my job extended speaking

Talk about one (real, past) experience while you were working. Your partner will listen silently and ask you for more details when you finish. 

Suggested topics to talk about

  • a (business) meeting
  • a balance sheet
  • a broken promise
  • a budget
  • a bug
  • a business trip
  • a calculation
  • a cancellation
  • a catalogue
  • a complaint
  • a consultant
  • a conversation
  • a conversation with a colleague (= workmate/ co-worker)
  • a conversation with a competitor
  • a conversation with a foreign guest
  • a conversation with a supplier/ vendor
  • a conversation with a top manager
  • a conversation with my direct boss/ line manager
  • a conversation with some temp staff
  • a delay
  • a demotion
  • a disagreement
  • a form
  • a manual
  • a merger/ a takeover
  • a negotiation
  • a new employee
  • a new product
  • a package
  • a prediction
  • a problem with payment
  • a progress check
  • a promotion
  • a prototype
  • a quality problem
  • a rejection
  • a reorganisation
  • a report
  • a request
  • a scheduling problem
  • a Skype conversation
  • a social interaction (e.g. dinner with a supplier)
  • a speech
  • a staff change
  • a teleconference
  • a telephone call
  • a town hall meeting
  • a trade fair
  • a video conference
  • a visit to a branch
  • a visit to our HQ
  • an announcement
  • an apology
  • an application (e.g. a job application)
  • an audit
  • an email
  • an email exchange
  • an enquiry
  • an evening
  • an interview (e.g. a job interview)
  • an invitation
  • an offer
  • problems with…
  • some accounts
  • some market research
  • some mentorship
  • some new equipment
  • some new hardware
  • some new software
  • some online chat
  • some online training
  • some overtime
  • some R&D/ some research
  • some training
  • when something was outsourced


Ask about anything above which you don’t understand or couldn’t think of how to talk about.


Mini-presentations in job interviews bluffing game

You might be asked to give similar mini-presentations in a job interview, usually with the question “Can you tell us about a time when you (had to)…?” Practice asking each other that question and answering it. If you can’t think of a real experience that matches that question, just use your imagination. Perhaps after asking questions to find out more about your experience, your partner will guess if your experience is true or false.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Experiences in my job extended speaking

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