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66 articles which I published there up to Sept 2013. All the articles below are also on the relevant Articles by Topic index pages. You could also look at my list of wackier articles on this and its sister site.

How to teach modals of possibility/ probability/ deduction

If it can be done at home, don’t do it in class

How to teach giving examples

Using memory in EFL classes

First lessons for Academic English classes

How to teach clothes vocabulary to young learners

7 word formation games

How to teach the language of prohibition

Games to practice want/ want to

How to teach body parts to kids

EFL lessons on the topic of parks

How to teach want/ want to

How to teach requests

Movement in adult classes

Gardens and gardening for EFL classes

TPR for can/ can’t

Practice activities for can/ can’t

Prepositions for young learners

Video for prepositions

Crafts for prepositions

TPR for prepositions

Realia and flashcards for prepositions

Teaching opinions phrases

Adding useful language to doing crafts

Shapes for young learners

Coping with difficult questions from 1 to 1 students

Teaching numbers 1 to 10 in English

Tying functional language in with your syllabus

Alternatives to spoken error correction

Linking cultural training and grammar

Teaching formal and informal language

Linking IELTS Speaking Part Two to the rest of the exam

Teaching ideas on the topic of cities

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of an IWB

Functional language for IELTS Speaking

Activities for ordinal numbers

Teaching grammar in Business English classes

Fun modals of probability/ possibility

Classroom activities for IELTS Reading

How to teach teleconferencing in English

What your students need to know about thanking in English

Classroom activities for the language of thanking

Planning and paragraphing activities

What your studens need to know about BULATS Writing Part One

Guessing games for the third person S

What students need to know about emailing

Fun adverbs of frequency activities

Names in the English language classroom

Teaching names

Teaching pronunciation of the alphabet to adults

Problems pronouncing the English alphabet

Teaching pronunciation with minimal pairs

Minimal pairs games

Fun homophones activities

Homophones in EFL classes

Fun activities for weather vocabulary

Dealing with dominating students

Ten fun activities for adjectives of personality

Politically correct language in the EFL classroom

20 fun activities for clothes vocabulary

Gender in the language classroom

Noises in the English classroom

Fun practice for the language of emotions

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