Use of English Part One for comparing contrasting

FCE Use of English Part 1 multiple choice cloze practice of comparing/ contrasting phrases for Speaking Part Two

For questions 1-14, read the sentences below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.

1. The cost of the two activities shown is probably ___________________ the same.

A) approximate

B) more or less

C) more

D) fairly

2. The expressions on the people’s faces are ___________________________ the same.

A) really

B) almost

C) very

D) basic

3. The atmospheres in the two locations are _______________________________ similar.

A) remarkable

B) fairly

C) radically

D) surprising

4. There are more _________ than differences between the restaurants in the two pictures.

A) sameness

B) similarity

C) similarities

D) similar

5. The __________________ difference between the upper picture and the lower one is…

A) obviously

B) solely

C) more important

D) most obvious

6. The ________________ similarity between the two situations that I can see is…

A) solely

B) only

C) unique

D) special

7. This picture up here is very similar to the other one in _________________________ of the kind of person who would enjoy it.

A) terms

B) respect

C) regards

D) regarding

8. The street in this picture is _________________ less busy than this street sign is.

A) tiny bit

B) quite a lot

C) great deal

D) many

9. The setting of this ceremony is not nearly as beautiful __________________ this place.

A) so

B) than

C) with

D) as

10.____________________________ to this river bank, this beach seems quite peaceful.

A) comparison

B) comparing

C) compared

D) compare

11. This looks like it’s in the countryside, and so _________________________ this one.

A) looks

B) does

C) are

D) too

12. _______________________________________the people in the picture above, from their body language I’d say that the men and women below seem tired.

A) But

B) Whereas

C) Although

D) Unlike

13. A difference between the two of them that stands ________________________ is….

A) in

B) out

C) to

D) from

14. A _________________________ similarity between this picture and the other one is…

A) striking

B) shocking

C) violent

D) hitting

Can you change some of the other options or example sentences to make the options fit the gaps?

Underline other useful language for Speaking Part Two above.

What phrases are used to refer to the two photos and to speculate?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: comparing and contrasting FCE Use of English Part One

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