Prepositions of time games/ worksheets

Updated 28 April 2017

Articles on teaching prepositions of time

15 fun activities for prepositions of time  – LINK UPDATED

Essential time expressions (mainly time expressions) -LINK UPDATED

Online games to practise prepositions of time

Anteater prepositions of time and position game (online game on the English File 1 website, but actually much more suitable for young learners- successful attempt to make a boring gapfill fun with graphics and sounds)

Photocopiable prepositions of time classroom materials

Time expressions with Present Simple speaking and presentation (adverbs of frequency and prepositions of time) – NEW

Past prepositions of time SNAP game

Past perfect prepositions etc

Business English prepositions of time

Timetable battleships (for “on plus day” and “at plus time”)


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