Prepositions of time games, worksheets and songs

Around 30 prepositions of time pdfs and teaching ideas. If you find something you like here and want to help me help you more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 13 June 2022

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Time expressions page

Articles on teaching prepositions of time

How to teach prepositions of time (with prepositions of time game ideas) – LINK UPDATED

15 fun activities for prepositions of time 

Photocopiable prepositions of time classroom materials

Prepositions of time pairwork guessing game (including business skills review)

Time expressions roleplay meeting (times, dates, etc, with prepositions of time presentation)

Time expressions with Present Simple (frequency expressions and prepositions of time practised with Make Me Say Yes, Things in Common, and Answer Me games)

Time expressions with Present Simple speaking and presentation (adverbs of frequency and prepositions of time)

Past prepositions of time SNAP game

Past perfect prepositions etc

Business English prepositions of time

Timetable battleships (for “on plus day” and “at plus time”)

Future forms The same or different (with lots of future time expressions and prepositions of time)

Prepositions of time songs

Prepositions of Time Song (fairly boring words without any real story to make them stick together but quite catchy tune, from Rockin’ English Lessons – link to YouTube video)

Prepositions of Time Song (quite slow and with a cute singing voice, but with some religious content, from English with Dan – link to YouTube video with lyrics and photos)

English prepositions of time raps (good range of easy and more difficult phrases with okay music, but one rap for each preposition so not obvious how to test students with them, from infos24 – link to lyrics and some recordings)

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