Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Revision Rotating Board game

Worksheet 1- Playing Board



Different ways of ending an email (typical last lines)

Different ways of finishing an email (signing off)

Different ways of starting an email (typical first lines)

Different ways of starting an email (the greeting) 

START Different ways of answering  your work phone

Different ways of saying a graph is going up


Different kinds of business documents

Different ways of softening your position in a negotiation

Persuade your partner to do as many different to prepare for an office party

Different ways of insisting

Different white collar crimes

Different ways of saying “It will go up” is possible or probable

Differences between British and American English

Different sporting idioms used in business

Different ways of saying you are sorry

Different ways of saying a graph isn’t going up or down

Persuade your partner to do many different things to prepare for a presentation

Different things your partner had completed by the end of the day yesterday

Different reasons why they can’t speak to the person they want to on the phone

Different things you were doing at the same time as your partner yesterday

Different ways of politely complaining about a delayed delivery

Personality words about your partner that they agree with

Different true sentences about your  partner’s company, department or section

Make different accusations about what your partner was doing when you saw them that they can’t think of an innocent explanation for

Different believable excuses for a delayed delivery

You have agreed the price with your supplier (your partner). Try to get as many other good conditions as you can.


Business English Revision Rotating Board game Worksheet 2- Rules of the Game

Summary of the game

Players go round and round the board (anticlockwise), scoring 1 point for each complete circle. You move by the number of true sentences you make.


Detailed rules

You need one board for each group of two to four people, and one counter (for example a coin or an eraser) each. The board first needs to be photocopied onto two pieces of A4 paper and then sellotaped together.


When it is your turn, try to make as many true sentences as you can about the topic in the box your counter is on. After each sentence your partner(s) will tell you if the sentence is true or not. If your partners say one of your sentence(s) is false, stop speaking and move on one square for each correct sentence you said, for example:

Student A “You passed a test last week”

Student B “That’s right, one square”

A “You checked your homework this morning”

B “That’s correct, two squares”

A “You played tennis last week”

B “Sorry, that’s not right. I never play tennis and ‘played’ has a /d/ sound, not a /t/ sound”

Play now passes to the next person.


When you reach the “Special Challenge” square, stop there until you next turn (you can never go straight past). When your turn comes again, you partners can ask you any question about a classmate, for example “How old is she?” If your answer is correct, you can move back to the “Start” square, score one point for a complete circle, and continue the game. If your answer is wrong you have to stay on the “Special Challenge” square until your next turn.


Continue playing until your teacher tells you to stop. The person who has the most points (has been around the board most times) is the winner.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Market Leader Intermediate rotating board game

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