Verb patterns and prepositions sentence completion

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 2

Follow the instructions of the game at the bottom that your teacher tells you to.

I’d insist _______________________________ if I was looking for a new job

I believe ____________________________________________________

I don’t believe _______________________________________________

I find it difficult to concentrate ___________________________________

I will never forgive my brother or sister/ parents/ boss/ colleague ____________________________________________________

I object ____________________________________________________

Many people object ___________________________________, but I don’t

I often worry _________________________________________________

I never worry ________________________________________________

I rely ______________________________________________________

My family rely ________________________________________________

I’d prevent the government _______________________________ if I could

I never apologise______________________________________________

I don’t let my boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ partner _____________________________________________________________

I make my boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ partner _____________________________________________________________

I make my brother or sister ______________________________________

I expect my best friend __________________________________________

I would warn people going to the UK _______________________________

I’d tell foreign visitors to Korea _____________________________________

My parents encouraged me ______________________________________

My grandparents wanted me _____________________________ (but I didn’t)

I can’t afford _________________________________________ but I want to

I try it avoid ___________________________________________________

I’ve recently got used __________________________________________

My teacher inspired _____________________________________________

Game A: Sentence completion guessing game

Fill at least half the sentences above with true information for you. Read out just the part you have written in one gap (not the printed words around it) and see if your partner can guess which sentence you wrote that in.


Game B: Sentence completion bluff

Fill the sentences above with a mixture of true and false information. Read out one sentence and see if your partner can guess whether it is a fact or not, perhaps after answering questions about that thing (you can continue lying if it was a made up example).

Language analysis

Write the correct preposition and verb pattern in each of the sentences above.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Verb patterns and preps sentence completion

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