Should and should have things in common

Present and past modals practice

Time to Talk Blue A Unit 16 and 17 

Share and ask about good advice for your present and past, try to find things in common with your partner, and write sentences like those on the next page when you find things which are true for both/ all of you.

Possible topics

  • arts and media (TV, etc)
  • communication
  • education/ studies/ qualifications
  • exercise
  • food and drink/ diet
  • free time
  • friends and family/ relationships
  • health and safety
  • home (housework, etc)
  • image/ style
  • money/ finance
  • personal information/ privacy (on social media, etc)
  • possessions
  • skills/ abilities
  • sleep
  • technology
  • the environment
  • time
  • work/ career
  • work-life balance

Share some sentences that you wrote and comment on anything which other groups say and is also true for you.

Make similar sentences about the topics above, this time without looking at the next page.


Sentences to discuss and complete

We should both/ all ______________ more (_________________)./ We should both/ all have ___________ more (_________________) when ____________________.

We shouldn’t _______________ so much (when ____________________). / We shouldn’t have ________________ so much when ____________________________________.

We should _____________________________ in the morning./ We should both have _____________________________________________________ this morning.

We shouldn’t _____________________________________ in the evening./ We shouldn’t have ________________________________________________________ last night.

We shouldn’t waste _________________________________./ We shouldn’t have wasted ____________________________________________________________________.

We should choose ______________________________./ We should have chosen ____________________________________________________________________.

We shouldn’t _______________________ our families’ __________________./ We shouldn’t have _________________________ our families’ ___________________.

We shouldn’t spend _______________________________________________./ We shouldn’t have spent _________________________________________________.

We should _____________________________________________./ We should have ____________________________________________________.

We shouldn’t _________________________________________./ We shouldn’t have ________________________________________________________.

Match one of the forms above to these forms:

  • I ought to…
  • I ought to have + PP
  • I wish I didn’t…
  • I wish I had + PP
  • I wish I hadn’t + PP


PDF for easy saving and printing: should and should have things in common TTT Blue A Units 16 and and 17