Meeting people roleplays

As you know your classmates already but will often use English with new people, we are going to practice meeting people. Work in groups of three and roleplay some of the situations below, extending each conversation as long as you can.

One person is a boss introducing a new recruit (the second person) to the other people in the office. The other person or people should take the parts of their new colleagues.
 Ring the doorbell of your host family’s house and introduce yourself.
Someone from the language school you are going to study at in London is waiting for you at arrivals in the airport.
 Start talking to someone in a bar or club
 Meet a foreign client at the airport
 Meet a client in reception to take them on a tour of the office or factory
 Start talking to the person or people next to you on the bus or train
 Start a conversation with someone in a bus stop queue
 Start a conversation with the person or people sitting next to you in a conference
 Start a conversation with another guest at the wedding who you haven’t met before
 Start a conversation with a taxi driver
 Start a conversation at a house party, e.g. a house warming
 Meet your boyfriend’s/ girlfriend’s father and/ or mother.

How would you feel in each of the situations above? How would you prepare yourself?


You’re going to listen to an interview with the parents of a university student called Sarah just before they meet her boyfriend Andy. What do you think the questions and answers will be?


PDF version for easy printing: MeetingPeopleRoleplays

Over 80 pages of meeting people/ starting and ending conversations photocopiables and 220 pages of other social English materials here:

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