Meetings and negotiations games, worksheets and e-book

PDFs combining negotiations and meetings more generally, plus index pages for each of those topics. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 10 October 2021

Meetings and negotiations e-book

Teaching Meetings: Interactive Classroom Activities – NEW

Index pages in this section

Meetings games/ worksheets page

Negotiating games/ worksheets page

Combined negotiations and other meetings worksheets

Meetings and negotiations needs analysis

Meetings and negotiations vocabulary game

Meetings and negotiations Prepositions pairwork

Meetings and negotiations prepositions and articles pairwork

Meetings and negotiations collocations Dominoes

Related pages

Teleconferences/ video conferences worksheets page

Writing business minutes worksheets

Business opinions language handouts page (including agreeing and disagreeing functional language)

Turn taking page

Presentations worksheets page

Brainstorming in groups phrases page

3 Responses to Meetings and negotiations games, worksheets and e-book

  1. Sheera Stern says:

    A student asked for negotiation skills in a class I am beginning. Grateful that you made all of these available for use. I can add exercises to the existing curriculum to tailor the course to my students.

  2. Robert Smoljanovic says:

    Where is the link to purchase the negotiating book ?

  3. alexcase says:

    Hi Robert. I’m afraid I haven’t finished my negotiating book yet, but it will be the next title if I can sell enough copies of my new book on business meetings (link just added to this page)

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