Ordinal numbers games, worksheets, stories and songs

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Updated 7 May 2021

Teaching ordinal numbers articles

Teaching ordinal numbers to EFL learners (with ordinal number communication games) – LINK UPDATED

How to teach ordinal numbers

Photocopiable ordinal numbers classroom activities

Ordinal numbers trivia quiz

Ordinal numbers spelling games

Ordinal numbers competitions

Ordinal numbers flashcard memory games

Spot the odd one out ordinal numbers practice (with lots of practice of other useful vocabulary such as family, food and body)

John Finally Came First (ordinal numbers story by me)

Ordinal numbers dominoes games

Ordinal numbers jigsaw games

Stacking races game (cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, dates, days of the week, months and times)

There is/ There are and ordinal numbers spelling game

How many are there and ordinal numbers hangman

Is there/ Are there and ordinal numbers hangman

Ordinal numbers stories/ picture books

John Finally Came First (ordinal numbers story by me)

Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin (link to read through on YouTube)

Ten Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle (probably Eric Carle’s least good book and quite high level language, but can be simplified – link to read through on YouTube and link to animation on YouTube)

The Long Long Line (backwards from 50th to 1st, with a nice surprise ending – link to read through on YouTube – without ordinal numbers, so just to give you a look before you buy it)

You could also do Days of the Week books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, replacing days of the week with “On the first day”, etc

Ordinal numbers songs

Ordinal Numbers Racing Blues (amusing idea about a horse coming in last, though I’m not sure students will usually get it)

Ordinal Numbers Song from Mr R’s Song for Teaching (just the ordinal numbers, with a simple tune – link to song with animation on YouTube)

The First Grasshopper song from Kiboomers (link to song on YouTube – not really animated)

The 12 Days of Christmas (on the first day of Xmas, etc – probably better to simplify it and/ or put more useful vocabulary in – link to animation of the original song and link to list of alternative lyrics)

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