Country and nationality words games/ worksheets

About 37 pdfs and other teaching ideas for country and nationality words that my students find difficult like Belgium/ Belgian and Britain/British etc. If you find any of this useful and would like more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 3 July 2022

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Cultural training EFL games/ worksheets (many guessing the country and so useful for this language point)

Teaching countries and nationalities articles

How to teach country and nationality words – LINK UPDATED

15 fun activities for country and nationality words

Photocopiable countries and nationalities classroom activities

Guess the country warmer cooler guessing game

What places used to be called trivia quiz (used to and names of places, with some country names)

Country and nationality word stress mazes

Nationality words syllables mazes

Country and nationality words drawing games

Nationality words syllables and stress card games (with pelmanism and snap)

Nationality Word Endings Mazes

Nationality word endings pelmanism and snap

Country and nationality words sentence completion games (bluffing game and two guessing games)

Comparing places random pelmanism (comparatives with places names and adjectives, including nationalities)

Groups of countries brainstorming and guessing games

Being positive and negative about food from other countries (likes and dislikes, describing food, and country and nationality words)

Country and nationality words with have, like and want Make me say yes game

Brainstorming country and nationality words game

Country and nationality words guessing game (with cultural information about Singapore, but easily adaptable to other countries that the students are interested in)

Country and nationality words practice mini-presentations

Countries and nationalities make me say yes personalised speaking game

Country and nationality words reversi

Country and nationality words statements bluffing game

Nationality words like and don’t like bluff

Food from different countries bluffing game (with nationality words and reported speech)

Discussion questions to practise country and nationality words

Modals of deduction guess the country

Country and nationality words bluffing game

Guess the country from the companies etc

The last two pages of A/ An for describing your company and job (an updated version of the worksheet above)

Guess from the nationality and other definitions game

Guess the country from the weather game

Where is…? I don’t know game (personal and trivia questions to practise prepositions and names of places, including a few countries)

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