Learning grammar through body language and gestures links

Some people may have noticed from my last list of new stuff that “my boom” (as we say in Janglish) is writing about moving around and getting students to move around in class. In fact, it’s so much of an obsession that there is too much to put in one post, so I thought I’d start with what is for some reason by far the most popular topic on TEFLtastic: grammar:


Grammar through body language and gestures in TEFL articles

Using body language and gestures to teach grammar

52 TPR grammar games

Physical games to practice a/ an

TPR activities for prepositions of position

TPR games for can/ can’t for ability


TPR grammar worksheets

TPR grammar worksheets for teaching tenses

TPR worksheets for present tenses

Gestures cultural differences game (miming and then talking about use and not of those gestures)

Food and drink mimes

Food cultural differences mimes

Table manners Present Simple and Continuous mimes

Xmas Present Simple and Continuous mimes

Present Continuous and Present Simple job mimes

Are they … or… TPR game

Present Continuous travel mimes

Hobbies Present Continuous mimes

Medical English Present Continuous mimes

Technical English mimes

Business English Present Continuous mimes

Telephoning hold on mimes

Present Continuous vocabulary revision mimes (for New Cutting Edge Intermediate, but you could easily adapt the idea for your own classes)

Business English Present Continuous sounds and mimes


TPR worksheets for past tenses

Bad habits Past Continuous

Travel English Past Continuous mimes

Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 and 2 Past Continuous mimes

Xmas and New Year past tenses mimes


TPR worksheets for future forms

Xmas going to games (make me say yes, miming and guessing) – NEW

Going to mimes

Going to Travel mimes and useful phrases

Countable and uncountable going to travel mimes

Going to and will Xmas mimes


TPR worksheets for other tenses

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous mimes

Xmas and New Year tense review mimes


Prepositions of position TPR worksheets

Prepositions of position miming games

Prepositions of position making sentences TPR game

and see above for an article on the topic.


Imperative TPR worksheets

Imperative pick and act TPR game

Good behaviour mimes (imperative)


Can and can’t TPR worksheets

Can can’t sports mimes

Can and can’t miming coin game

and see above for an article on the topic.


Comparative and superlative TPR worksheets

Comparative adjectives miming games

Comparative and superlative miming games


Other TPR grammar worksheets

Singular and plural possessives TPR game

Singular and plural mimes

Gradable and extreme adjectives miming game

This that these those mimes

Phrasal verb mimes

and see above for an article on “a” and “and”


Similar on vocabulary, pronunciation, etc coming up in the next post.

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