An interview with Andrew Wright

One of the many nice things to come out of the storm in a TEFL cup that was my attempt at making a list of the 100 most influential books in TEFL was Andrew Wright agreeing to an interview, and here it is:

Andrew Wright interview

and while I was searching for that, came across another good one on

An interview with Andrew Wright

One other really nice thing that came out of my TEFL controversy of the year is the many people who filled in my questionnaire. Not too late to join in too:

The TEFL history/ Your TEFL history survey

If you are interested in more TEFL interviews: TEFL Guest interviews (including Mary Slattery, Graham Stanley, Larry Ferlazzo, Shelly Terrell, Gavin Dudeney, Burcu Akyol, etc)

Darren Elliott’s interviews on The Lives of Teachers blog (videos and podcasts – including Nicky Hockly, Michael Swan, Barbara Hoskins-Sakamoto, Jennifer Jenkins, Scott Thornbury, Miles Craven, Paul Nation, and many others)

Onestopenglish author of the month interviews (including Jill Hadfield, Adrian Underhill, Jamie Keddie, and many others)

An interview with John and Liz Sores on TEFLtradesman

TEFLtastic interviews (including EFL Geek, Marxist TEFL, Darren Elliott, Jon Marks, Jason West of English Out There, Karenne of Kalinago English, Sandy MacManus, Bruce Veldhuisen of TEFL International, and the draw dropping interview about Laughing Coyote School of English)

Finishing with a link to my own blog seemed a bit egotistical, here’s one to people interviewing me instead:

Me on other blogs

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