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An interview with Katie of TEFLlogue (History of TEFL blogging Part Three)

In my interview EFL Geek, he mentioned Katie of TEFLlogue fame as someone he most missed from the TEFL blogosphere, and I’m sure everyone who was active at that time will feel exactly the same way. She was incredibly productive, … Continue reading

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An interview with EFL Geek, the real grandfather of TEFL blogging

Hopefully he won’t mind the grandfather bit, seeing as we are almost exactly the same age (along with a surprisingly large number of other bloggers- is it a middle aged crisis thing to do??) I’m also hoping that he won’t … Continue reading

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A history of TEFL blogging Part One

UPDATE: List now includes most of people’s suggestions, and have also added a History of TEFL Blogs tag that you can follow to the many later posts on the topic. TurklishTEFL was kind enough to publish a piece of fluff … Continue reading

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ELT publishing trendspotter

New ways of getting content – Big publishers have been buying up books from smaller publishers (e.g. a couple from Helbling Languages ending up on CUP and Oxford buying up some business skills books) and even self-published books (I gave a … Continue reading

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TOEIC- the Test of English for International What??

A guest piece by Carmela Chateau “International ’Communication’, according to the full name of the test, but most studies in communication refer to four skills. In the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, there are in fact five skills: … Continue reading

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7 things you probably didn’t know about me

1. Dave Sperling still owes me ten Euros he borrowed off me at the TESOL Spain conference 2. The EF school in Eastbourne had the alternative word for the “F” part of its sign that me and my friends graffitied … Continue reading

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Clash of the TEFL heavyweight bloggers

No, I am not talking about my meeting with EFL Geek, as despite being exactly the same age and so perhaps sharing some kind of middle-aged-crisis-makes-you-blog, we are neither of us heavyweight in the midriff (yet) nor in the real TEFL world. No, we … Continue reading

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