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EOT against OUP

Regular interviewee (!) Jason West of English Out There is launching an online campaign against Oxford University Press. Here is the promised interview in which he explains how and why:  What exactly is your complaint against OUP? Without using legal terminology the … Continue reading

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OUP ELT recruiting contributors

Oxford ELT are asking for a 60-minute Pre-Int text-based lesson plan and your CV, but don’t get too excited because it’s for reviewers and piloters as well as writers (although actually those first two are pretty interesting too): Oxford University … Continue reading

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A way to do away with ALTs?

(= assistant language teachers). You can see why they might want to, because although their pay is being cut and skimmed off by recruitment agencies while they get abuse for not being qualified teachers and then treated like human tape … Continue reading

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ELT publishing trendspotter

New ways of getting content – Big publishers have been buying up books from smaller publishers (e.g. a couple from Helbling Languages ending up on CUP and Oxford buying up some business skills books) and even self-published books (I gave a … Continue reading

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New TEFL/ TESOL/ TESL/ TEFAL/ TEFLON articles etc July 2009

Too tired after trying to come up with that Google friendly blog post article to write anything about these, so here is just the list: Problems, solutions and variations with hangman in EFL classes (including links to online hangman games) Speaking … Continue reading

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Prices of EFL textbooks to drop?

There are strong rumours that, perhaps due to the 100 day sit in and short hunger strike of students on London’s Oxford Street protesting the price of books, the latest edition of the Headway series of textbooks (official title “Latest … Continue reading

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My top 10 books for/ about EFL for young learners

Wrote this list for a (teacher training) student and thought it might be worth a blog post and maybe a bit of friendly debate. Here are my all time favourites- off the top of my head, but if they’re that … Continue reading

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Stolen teaching idea of the day

Backwards dialogues Students write a dialogue and then read it out starting with the last line, then the second to last line and last line, then the last three lines etc- working their way towards the beginning of the dialogue until the … Continue reading

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Live by tepid spirit*

I write my “15 ways…” articles and teaching ideas in the spirit that even if what I put in there is painfully obvious, sometimes seeing something written down can help clarify an idea that was floating round somewhere at the back … Continue reading

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Telephoning in English worksheets, games and lesson plans

Updated, expanded and with many more links here:

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