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An interview with Katie of TEFLlogue (History of TEFL blogging Part Three)

In my interview EFL Geek, he mentioned Katie of TEFLlogue fame as someone he most missed from the TEFL blogosphere, and I’m sure everyone who was active at that time will feel exactly the same way. She was incredibly productive, … Continue reading

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Ten blogs that are dead (to TEFL) but are still worth reading

I’ve been nominated by a couple of people to take part in‘vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog’. This translates as “Try to find ten blogs that no one has nominated yet, like a birthday boy who is having … Continue reading

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A history of TEFL blogging Part One

UPDATE: List now includes most of people’s suggestions, and have also added a History of TEFL Blogs tag that you can follow to the many later posts on the topic. TurklishTEFL was kind enough to publish a piece of fluff … Continue reading

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Has the TEFL blogging zeitgeist changed?

Posting those hilarious highlights from English Teacher X and contrasting When I Am a TEFL Billionaire Part One and Part Two has made me wonder whether something fundamental has changed in the last 562* blogging years that TEFLtastic has been … Continue reading

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Guest pieces wanted, guest pieces supplied

Burcu Akyol kindly agreed to write me a guest piece in return for my upcoming piece there and asked for some previous examples, so was planning for this to be a list of the best guest pieces so far. When … Continue reading

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Sustainable TEFL blogging Part One

I really should wait until I’ve been blogging for 3 or 4 years before I presume to give lessons to the overly keen and/ or angry TEFL bloggers who have quit the game recently, but haven’t got anything else to … Continue reading

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Still teachers run deep

Still ruminating on the details my next big post, which will be “Why you should take the latest TEFL research with several buckets of salt”, but thought I should reassure my faithful reader(s?) that I haven’t abandoned you in the … Continue reading

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The best of TEFLtastic 2007 Part One

This was supposed to be a self-congratulatory post to pat myself on the back for a good 6 months of TEFLtasticking, but I must be getting sentimental in my old age and/ or around Xmas, because instead I’d like to give … Continue reading

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Guest writer number one- Do's and Don'ts for Bosnia etc.

Katie from must be trying to get herself into the Guinness Book of TEFL Records (which sounds like the title of another post to me!) , because after being the first person to review TEFLtastic she is now our first guestwriter … Continue reading

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