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Japan in the Korean EFL classroom

A very specific topic, I know, but as I was already back here when someone from KoTESOL’s The English Connection magazine asked me to write something, it was the first thing that popped into my head. Hopefully of more general … Continue reading

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Minimal pairs for Korean learners of English

Links are to list of minimal pairs divided by level that I’ve been working on. Will add more links as more lists go up. Voiced and unvoiced consonants b and p (bore and pore) v and f (van and fan) … Continue reading

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Typical problems for Korean learners of English

I did a lot of research on this when I first arrived in Korea because my approach to correction relies a lot on anticipating their problems (rather than making a random list of things that come up, as I seem … Continue reading

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Similarities and differences between Korea and Japan

Now that I’ve done similarities and differences between Konglish/Japlish, the languages more generally and students from those countries, thought I may as well go the whole hog and do the whole countries. The lists are over on my JapanExplained blog here: … Continue reading

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Differences between Janglish and Konglish

I seem to have got over the obsession that started with a huge list of Japlish, went on to a smaller but still substantial list of Konglish and then went on to list the similarities between them, so this might … Continue reading

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Highlights from October's EL Gazette

– 300 Assistant Language Teachers laid off in Korea, with maybe more to follow. – EL Gazette in dispute with Bell over their responsibilities to stop passport retention in Saudi Arabia – Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, UCL, Birmingham, King’s College London, … Continue reading

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Similarities between Konglish and Janglish

People who looked at the Konglish list I mentioned in my last post might have noticed how many of the words and phrases are marked “same in Japanese”. If English as a Lingua Franca does/ will exist, I would guess … Continue reading

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Konglish list also much polished up and expanded

Although with “only” 408 entries it is still a lot shorter than the Japlish list I posted yesterday… Includes PDF version for easy printing: Konglish dictionary

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Want to be paid to sit around and wait?

I guess they sent this to me because I worked in Korea for two years and used to work for EF, but otherwise I am totally unsuitable and so thought I’d share it with the rest of you: “In the … Continue reading

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Leaving Korea

Sitting in Gimpo airport now enjoying the free wifi, not something I’ll be doing much back in Japan… Seoul isn’t (yet) one of the world’s great cities, but it’s probably the most liveable place where you can save a decent amount … Continue reading

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