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A hilariously bad TEFL course model lesson plan

Discovered this while researching something else and my jaw just dropped with its awfulness (and I say that as someone who still has to teach with materials made up by random teachers in other branches of my schools). I’ve highlighted … Continue reading

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New page with my 26 articles on teaching speaking

My articles on teaching speaking There are also links from there to pages with my many articles on teaching functional language and oral practice for particular grammar points.

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CMU and Unitefl – The greatest TEFL soap opera?

Now that Unitefl have made a few changes (some at my suggestion) to their course and (especially) website, I’ve rewritten my “Do not study with Unitefl Thailand” post as “A History of Chiang Mai University and Unitefl” – and quite a … Continue reading

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Interview with the new ownership/ management of UniTEFL Thailand

I regularly turn down suggestions for TEFL dirt digging because I want to get back to the Past Perfect Continuous games that are my real forte. However, I don’t think I’d ever been offered as much unwanted info on anyone … Continue reading

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A review of the CMUTEFL course

About 18 months after the messy implosion of the last TEFL course on the Chiang Mai University campus, it seems they are finally starting another course there in April, and someone has written to me asking if it is “legit”. … Continue reading

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Two points go to Caucasians?

This attempt at explaining employability in Phuket has a point – many schools are racist or pander to their racist students, and many of those schools are in Asia. My two doubts are: – Shouldn’t they deal with it in a … Continue reading

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A history of Chiang Mai University and Unitefl

(To skip straight to more recent history, see an interview with the new management/ ownership of Unitefl here. ) I haven’t worked in Thailand since I was a humble Shane teacher there in 96/97 and didn’t really take much of an … Continue reading

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6 Ways TEFL Certificate Course Providers Try to Rip You Off Part 4 – The University Language Institute

By regular and popular guest writer “TEFLista” “Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck, But Sometimes It’s a Toad: The University Language Institute. When I started writing this guest piece series about two years ago, I never thought I … Continue reading

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Telegraph TEFL

Not being exactly politically in tune with the Torygraph, I had no idea such a section existed until someone who writes for it emailed me a couple of days ago. As it’s mixed in with the rest of the Expat Education … Continue reading

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What was the biggest change in TEFL in the Noughties?

If you’d asked me in 1999, I probably would’ve predicted that Task Based Learning was going to take over the TEFL world, for better or worse. What a damp squib that turned out to be, with apparently even Cutting Edge … Continue reading

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