Indirect questions extended speaking practice

Time to Talk Navy S Units 7 and 8

Choose one of the topics below and tell a true personal story about one experience of that thing. Your partner(s) will listen and ask questions to get more details, using suitable indirect question starters for difficult questions, very personal questions, etc.

  • a complaint (I received/ I made)
  • an argument/ a disagreement
  • a problem at work
  • a family disagreement/ a time I clashed with my family
  • some bad parenting
  • an injury
  • some misbehaviour/ being naughty
  • a crime
  • when I quit something/ left something
  • an unfair decision
  • some cheating
  • contact with an ex-boyfriend/ ex-girlfriend
  • a disastrous meeting/ date/ party
  • a frightening experience
  • an accident

If you haven’t yet, share personal stories related to accidents.  


PDF for easy saving and printing: indirect questions extended speaking practice TTT Navy S Units 7 and 8

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