Like and be like Xmas questions

Time to Talk Purple A Unit 18

Take turns choosing a line from below and asking the questions there. Only ask follow-up questions after the main question has been answered.  

  • Are any festivals or celebrations in your country that are like Xmas? What parts are like Xmas? What parts are unlike Xmas? Which do you like more, those festivals or Xmas?
  • Did you get any Xmas presents last year? Did you like them?
  • Do you like buying presents? What kinds of presents do you enjoy buying?
  • Do you like putting up Xmas decorations? Have you ever made your own decorations? What were they like?
  • Have you bought any Xmas presents this year? Who are they for? What are those people like? What are the presents like? Do you think those people will like those presents?
  • Have you ever been to a Xmas party? Did you like it? What was it like? What did you like about it?
  • Have you ever foreign Xmas food or winter food? What other food was it like?
  • Have you ever hung up a Xmas stocking? What did it look like?
  • How do you feel about Xmas food? Are there any Xmas foods which you don’t like?
  • Is there anything you dislike about Xmas?
  • Is Xmas now just like when you were a child? What things are different now?
  • Were your childhood Xmases like Xmas in the movies? What was similar? What was different?
  • What parts of Xmas in your country are like other countries? What about Xmas in your country is unlike other countries?
  • What is your Xmas dinner usually like? Do you think I would like it? What do you think I would like about it?
  • What was the weather like last year? How did you feel about it?
  • What was your last Xmas like? Did you have fun? What was your favourite part?
  • What were your family’s Xmas decorations like (when you were a child)?
  • What were your last Xmas presents like? Which was your favourite?
  • When did you last buy a Xmas cake? Did everyone like it? What was it like?
  • When did you last cook Xmas dinner? What did it taste like?
  • Where do you usually buy presents? What are those places like?
  • Which do you like more, Xmas or New Year? Why?


Like and be like grammar presentation

Think of or find questions with these meanings:

  • Are there any… which are similar to…? What parts are similar to…? What parts are different from…?
  • Can you describe…?
  • Can you describe its taste?
  • Can you describe its appearance?
  • Do you enjoy…?
  • Did you enjoy…?
  • Is… similar to…?
  • Is there anything which you don’t enjoy about..?
  • What was good about it?
  • Which do you prefer,… or…?

Think of or find the opposite of:

It is like…

I like…


PDF for easy saving and printing: like and be like Xmas questions TTT Purple A Unit 18