Does he she it have drawing and coin games

SPEC 2 Unit 20

Ask a question like those below starting with “Does… have…?” If the other person says “Yes, … does”, then draw that thing, on a figure already on the board if one is there. If the other person say “No,… doesn’t”, then draw something opposite or similar instead, e.g. straight hair if they said they don’t have curly hair or a motorbike if they say that they don’t have a bicycle.

Does he



the monkey



your mother

my father

the swimmer

the fire fighter

the police officer

the office worker

the chef/ cook

the teacher

the girl

the boy

the teacher

the nurse

the doctor

have a ball

a beard

a bicycle

a big head

a big television

a bottle of cola

a doll

a fish

a fishing rod

a gun

a kite

a long nose

a moustache

a pet alligator/ crocodile

a ponytail

a present

a radio-controlled car

a red face

a spider

an old computer

an umbrella

big ears

blue eyes

curly hair

eight candles on his birthday cake

long hair

long legs

many keys

red hair

short hair

small eyes

twelve cats

two cars

two ice creams


Play the same game, but this time flipping a coin to decide if you should say “Yes” (heads) or “No” (tails). Then do the same without the table above to help make questions.  

When you finish, test each other on your memory of the pictures with Yes/ No questions.


PDF for easy saving and printing: does he she it have drawing game SPEC 2 Unit 20