Three nice new simple third person S activities

1. Came up with this one last week, though it’s so simple I’m sure I’m not the first:

Draw a stick boy and stick girl on the board, then students make statements (“He has black hair”) or answers questions (“Does she like snakes?” or “What kind of food does she like?”)  to decide how the teacher should complete the picture. Good groups can then do the same thing with one person on each table taking the teacher’s role, perhaps rotating that role once every five items or so.

Maybe the only issue with this game is confusion with Present Continuous for “She is wearing a dress”, “He is holding a kite” and “She is eating ice cream”. There’s no perfect solution for this, but it can help to have their likes in a thought bubble and their possessions  in a house in the background, and to use “He/ She has…” for clothes, some of which can be in a cupboard behind them.

2. One student makes a statement about themselves and a classmate, e.g. “I like cheese. She doesn’t like cheese”, and the other students guess if the (combined) statements are true or false.

3. Students make two related statements about a classmates, e.g. “You have a sister. She likes pink” or “You have a bicycle. It has a bell”. If both statements are true, they get a point.

An article on guessing games for the same grammar point and a nice worksheet for low level adults on my Present Simple page here.

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