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New teaching English syllables materials and teaching ideas

Recently had the hard but rewarding experience of writing and giving a nine-hour course just on pronunciation. Spent about 3 hours of that on making sure my students could recognise and produce the right number of syllables, including in famously … Continue reading

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The RP straw man

This point struck me again when I was reading Teaching the Pronunciation of English as a Foreign Language by Robin Walker, which started as a much more balanced and practical view of that area but started to go downhill with … Continue reading

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Minimal pairs for Spanish speaking learners of English

Ones in blue linked to graded lists of minimal pairs. Will add more as more lists go up. Article on pronunciation for Spanish speakers also coming soon. Vowel sounds a and ar (batter and barter, especially understanding non-rhotic speakers) a … Continue reading

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A better way of using minimal pairs for consonant clusters?

Just come up with another variation on my last post about combining this vital pronunciation point and this easy to use activity . It is to use minimal pairs that are also consonant clusters, practising both the vowel or consonant distinction … Continue reading

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Minimal pairs for Korean learners of English

Links are to list of minimal pairs divided by level that I’ve been working on. Will add more links as more lists go up. Voiced and unvoiced consonants b and p (bore and pore) v and f (van and fan) … Continue reading

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Practising consonant clusters with minimal pairs

I’m hoping to do a whole article on the tricky but important point of practising consonant clusters, but not sure I have enough ideas for 700 words on the topic yet. I have come up with two ways of using … Continue reading

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Stretching the definition and use of minimal pairs

My regular reader may have noticed that I’ve been playing fast and loose with the definition of minimal pairs recently. Or rather, that I’ve been using the definition “easily confused words in which only one sound is different” in ways that … Continue reading

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Minimal pairs for Japanese learners of English

I haven’t done lists of all of these yet (there are links to the ones I have) and some might not have any actual minimal pairs in English, but I’ll update as I keep working on this over the next … Continue reading

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Teaching pronunciation

When updating my list of publications I was surprised to find that I’ve written 15 articles on the topic over the years, and here they are, together for the first time: Articles on teaching pronunciation

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Bringing pronunciation work into the Business English classroom

A piece of mine that was published long long ago in English Teaching Professional, and then later re-published on Onestopenglish: As pronunciation work has become a standard part of every EFL textbook, the Business English part of teaching seems to … Continue reading

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