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30 new TEFL articles and worksheets (Spring 2016)

A fairly typical amount of new stuff on and on TEFLtastic, though in my humble opinion the quality is getting a little better all the time… Help and Hindrance in IELTS Listening Whose is this Whose are these Possessives personalised … Continue reading

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Two nice new activities for mixed future tenses

Along with the fact the authors have done boring stuff like workbooks so I don’t have to, what I most like about teaching with textbooks is the challenge of trying to come up with activities to tie together with whatever … Continue reading

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The accusations game (TEFLtastic classics Part 15)

I’m not claiming any particular originality for the ideas I’m including in this series (hence the word “classics”), but even less so with this one. However, I have come up with some little variations, including: – Using it for Present … Continue reading

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Teaching Simple Past

Drawing up the index page for Everybody Up 4 reminded me that I’ve published quite a lot of Simple Past recently, all suitable for both young learners and adults: How to teach Past Simple Guess the past time game (with … Continue reading

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My new TEFL stuff (Dec 2012 – Jan 2013)

Articles Gardens/ gardening in EFL classes – LINK FIXED TPR for can/ can’t  – LINK FIXED Games for can/ can’t – LINK FIXED Teaching future continuous Future continuous games  Future continuous speaking practice  Movement in adult classes – LINK FIXED How to teach It … Continue reading

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Narrative tenses photocopiables sorted out

All index pages (Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Simple Past and Used to) also now contain all relevant materials in proper sections: Past tenses communication games and other worksheets For details on which other pages are similarly easy to navigate and … Continue reading

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Present Perfect worksheets/ games now all in one place

Have sorted out the pages on Present Perfect Simple/ Continuous/ both/ more general here: Present Perfect Communication games/ photocopiables and polished them up a bit while I was at it. For details on why that was necessary, other pages which … Continue reading

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A nice fun personalised speaking activity for Past Continuous

As I’ve written before, when I do use a PPP methodology I tend to present the grammar near the end of the lesson, let them get their heads round it for homework, and then do the speaking practice in the … Continue reading

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New articles on teaching English to adults and kids July 2012

Been a while since I did one of these posts, so quite a long list this time. Young learners Adding useful language to craftwork activities – LINK FIXED Fun food lessons for kids Teaching shapes to EFL kids – LINK FIXED Teaching … Continue reading

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Teaching yet and already

Two articles on the topic just up: Teaching Present Perfect with yet and already Speaking practice for yet and already Worksheets plus links to articles on other uses of Present Perfect here: Present Perfect Worksheets and Articles

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