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New teaching time expressions materials and ideas

I start far too many of my articles with suggestions to teach more of this and less of that, but this time I really really really really really really mean it! Perhaps the most shocking weakness I have found in … Continue reading

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New plurals teaching tips, games and pdfs

Not quite sure how I managed to churn out pages of stuff on Present Perfect Continuous and not a single teaching idea or photocopiable on plural nouns in the first ten years of this blog. I kind of feel like blaming Headway, … Continue reading

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New Yes/ No questions classroom activities article and page

Not sure how in ten years and over 200 articles it never occurred to me before, but have finally written a how to article and made a page for it to live on, with 26 photocopiable worksheets on the topic, … Continue reading

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All grammar games/ activities pages A to Z

As part of the on-going reorganisation of TEFLtastic, am trying to make a complete list of the games/ worksheets index pages. That’s taking longer than I thought, but have done it for the most popular pages, namely grammar. If you’d … Continue reading

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Two nice new activities for mixed future tenses

Along with the fact the authors have done boring stuff like workbooks so I don’t have to, what I most like about teaching with textbooks is the challenge of trying to come up with activities to tie together with whatever … Continue reading

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New possessives activities page

Hoping to write an article or two on teaching this soon, but in the meantime have come up with 11 links for possessive S and possessive adjectives: Possessive forms games/ worksheets

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42 EFL finding things in common games (TEFLtastic classics part 25)

With 20 photocopiable worksheet versions. Updated 14 November 2019 I seem to have completely forgotten about this activity for a couple of years, perhaps because it’s just so simple, but it’s recently become my favourite again. Students use the language … Continue reading

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Games/ worksheets for 47 grammar points now easier to find

Have begun the reorganisation mentioned in my last post, making sure you don’t have to open and then close so many windows to get at the worksheets you are after, starting by adding all the grammar sub-menus to the main grammar … Continue reading

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More Grammar Games articles and worksheets

UPDATE: More up to date list of my grammar articles here and grammar worksheets here. Links to these articles and worksheets given so that hopefully I can be forgiven for having written so many on tenses, as deeply unfashionable and … Continue reading

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Business English grammar games

.. and other grammar worksheets. This is part two of the reorganisation of my blog worksheets. With links to my relevant stuff on, around 30 worksheets here: Business English grammar photocopiables If you want to know how to get … Continue reading

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