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New articles on telephoning page

With 10 articles on telephoning and teaching telephoning already up and about 10 more to add soon, thought it was worth tidying up my telephone English worksheets page by moving the articles to a page of their own: Telephone English … Continue reading

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New Teaching Telephoning e-book out now!

While the rest of you were taking up new hobbies and having Zoom parties (?), I used my lockdown to finally keep my promise to those who were kind enough to buy a copy of my one of my previous … Continue reading

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Good time to teach teleconferencing/ video conferencing?

Amongst an understandable dive in my blog stats, perhaps the only one page which has increased in popularity compared to this time last year is one which has just made me realise that I should be teaching it to my … Continue reading

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New Xmas worksheets

Updated 12 January 2017 More seasonal cheer for specific language points: Xmas and New Year negotiations – NEW Describing Japanese and British Xmas and New Year – NEW Seasonal trends meetings practice (language of trends tied in with festivals and … Continue reading

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Complete guide to telephoning in different cultures

Three new articles on the topic published this month: British and American phone calls – NEW 50 ways to answer the phone (in English and other languages) – NEW Cultural differences in telephoning – NEW These links and many more … Continue reading

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New telephoning in English resources for students

On top of my new book on English phone calls (Really Learn the Most Useful Emailing Phrases ), have put up a list of the most important language and articles on how to make calls: The 100 most useful telephoning phrases … Continue reading

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TEFLtastic e-book – Really Learn the Most Useful Telephone Phrases

After 20 years in TEFL and more than ten publishing my ideas and worksheets, I’ve finally put together a whole book of materials – and one that goes against almost everything I’ve done so far. First of all, it’s a … Continue reading

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Telephoning vocabulary and phrases – 29 worksheets now all together

37 if you include the teleconference and telephone interview ones that the page links to. It’s a bit of a bugbear of mine that books don’t spend enough time on this and emailing, so I’ve been trying to make up for it … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles March 2012

Including lots of new ones on TEFLtastic for the first time in ages. Ones I haven’t mentioned yet at the top of each section. Different ways of doing a listening (an article format I’ve been wanting to write for ages … Continue reading

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Step by step roleplays (TEFLtastic classics Part Five)

Not quite a game, but a lot more fun and useful than it sounds. If you like this and want more, please support TEFLtastic.  Students do a short and easy roleplay, then the next roleplay card asks them to do … Continue reading

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