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35 reasons to buy Teaching Social English

Reasons why you should shell out a couple of quid on my new e-book You want to start term with something which is fun and light but also useful outside the classroom Your students are going to meet you and … Continue reading

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The first TEFLtastic book for teachers

Teaching Social English: Interactive Classroom Activities (Rushed out now as it’s especially useful for new courses)

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New small talk games/ worksheets page

My Business English students often complain that the most difficult part of using English in their jobs is not making presentations or chairing meetings but the networking, chatting and bumping into people in the lift that can happen before and afterwards. There … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and worksheets November 2011

I’ve mentioned some of these in my posts on tips and useful language etc, but the ones near the top of each section are those that have just gone up and I haven’t linked to before: Articles Teaching grammar in Business … Continue reading

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Answer me! (TEFLtastic classics Part Three)

Updated 27 February 2018 Another game which is simplicity itself. Students are dealt out cards with simple short answers on them and must get that reaction from their partner to be able to discard the card, with the first person … Continue reading

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Free functional language worksheets

On sorting my Functional and Social English Games and other Worksheets out and adding links to relevant stuff on my Business/ESP and various textbook pages, I was surprised to find that I have about 60 of the little buggers, which is … Continue reading

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New meeting, greeting and introductions in English page

Eight worksheets on saying hello and goodbye, starting conversations etc. Mainly new, together for the first time, and fully PDFed. Ties in nicely with a new term, n’est pas? Meeting, greeting and introducing games and worksheets Part of the fairly … Continue reading

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Read article + talk about article = learn a language

This is the one simple recipe that teachers all over Japan are using to raise the level of their students’ English: Take one copy of the Japan Times that you were going to read anyway Cut out one topical and/ or cultural article … Continue reading

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