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New comparative adjectives and superlative classroom activities page

Can’t believe that it’s taken me 10 years, but have finally made dedicated pages for comparative adjectives and superlative adjectives, making the original page a much more manageable selection of materials combining the two forms: Comparative adjectives games/ worksheets page … Continue reading

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Linking food and drink to other language points

While reorganising my food and drink vocab index pages, noticed that many of them tied it in quite nicely with other language points – buy one language point, get one free! Here are the ones that do that: Food and … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and worksheets November 2011

I’ve mentioned some of these in my posts on tips and useful language etc, but the ones near the top of each section are those that have just gone up and I haven’t linked to before: Articles Teaching grammar in Business … Continue reading

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New New Cutting Edge Intermediate worksheets

Update: All such worksheets now here:

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I don’t believe it!

A couple of posts ago, I gave my Comparatives and Superlatives page as an example of something that people really shouldn’t be clicking on when I have a far more creative and important page of often fun worksheets for the … Continue reading

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New TEFLtastic communication games March 2010 Part Three

It suddenly occured to me that when I argue with people about the value of worksheets, we are often basically not talking about the same thing. I don’t do gapfills and other mechanical written grammar and vocab exercises in class … Continue reading

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New EFL handouts Feb 2010 Part Two

Prepositions and body part mimes Comparative and superlative plus adverb Speaking Health problems mimes Writing reviews in English- Harry Potter Words often used in newspaper headlines Webquest Reading in English discussion questions

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Comparative and superlative adjectives worksheets and games

Twice as many worksheets, cross referenced to other parts of my worksheet pages, totally PDFified, and now with links to some great online games elsewhere: Comparatives and superlatives worksheets and games As I am getting too little sleep to concentrate … Continue reading

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