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The (mildly) autistic TEFL teacher

While adding two new articles and a list of useful phrases to my rapidly expanding small talk for EFL learners page, it suddenly struck me how ironic people who know me would find it that I’m teaching small talk, let … Continue reading

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40 EFL presentation skills classroom activities now easier to find

Many moons ago when I started this blog presentations was just an afterthought for me when teaching the language of meetings, so this page has been hiding in an obscure part of that section for the last seven years or … Continue reading

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How students can improve their fluency

… including things that they can do while and just before speaking, things that they can do while studying on their own, and things they can do with a teacher or conversation partner: 57 ways to improve spoken fluency I’d imagine … Continue reading

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Why does free con continue?

I’ve taught plenty of students whose progress stopped years ago but still insist on the same “method” of chatting on random topics in class, and few if any where it was the best possible way of improving their English in … Continue reading

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Discussion questions for brainstorming (or brainstorming for discussion questions)

Another one of those things that are so simple that it’s difficult to believe I’d never come across them or come up with them before. Simply design discussion questions to also be used after to brainstorm specific vocabulary. For example, … Continue reading

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New page with my 26 articles on teaching speaking

My articles on teaching speaking There are also links from there to pages with my many articles on teaching functional language and oral practice for particular grammar points.

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Conversation questions – 40 games, worksheets, articles and links

Used the “opportunity” of having to manually paste twenty or so links in to add my two articles on the topic, divide the worksheets up so that there are sections on conversation questions for specific grammar points and actual conversation … Continue reading

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Avoiding correction of spoken errors

… or at least avoiding ending each and every stage or lesson by writing a list of mistakes up on the board. Whatever your attitude to that CELTA-tastic activity, having alternatives has got to be a good thing, I reckon. … Continue reading

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Step up the pressure roleplays (TEFLtastic classics Part Five)

Not quite a game, but a lot more fun and useful than it sounds. Students do a short and easy roleplay, then the next roleplay card asks them to do basically the same thing with a tiny extension and/ or … Continue reading

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because teaching conversational English does not require much work

“Arief Rachman, a prominent education expert… says that the proliferation of native English speakers in the country, many of whom have no formal teaching qualifications, is because teaching conversational English does not require much work. ‘All they have to do … Continue reading

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