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Guest post: 11 tips for teaching controversial topics in the ESL classroom

A great post from Alice of Hot Take English, hopefully re-starting the once numerous and always popular TEFLtastic guest posts. For a lot of English language teachers, the mere thought of teaching a so-called “controversial” discussion topic in class is … Continue reading

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Why we really do what we do Part Three- Culture

Finally prompted to continue this series on WWRDWWD by Scott Thornbury’s thought provoking (as ever) piece on Flow, flow being something I’ve been pondering on for a while. I have this strange obsession with making sure all parts of my lesson “flow”, if … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and ideas April 2010

Might’ve listed the ones nearer the bottom before, but been a while since I’ve done one of these updates, so maybe not: 15 no prep games with just little scraps of paper 15 zero prep games with (whole) sheets of … Continue reading

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My personal motto

“There’s no such thing as on time, there’s only early and late” Lots of TEFL extensions of that too: “There’s no such thing as the right amount of preparation, there is only too little or too much” “There’s no such … Continue reading

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On the CELTA, Japan, and very small learners

An interview with Charlie Richards of Learning Tree English, a private language school for 16 and unders (sometimes far unders!) in Osaka. “I first came across your school through your excellent examples of young learner lessons on YouTube. Typical lessons … Continue reading

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Teaching preschool English links

I’ve done a fair bit of kindy/ kindie/KG/ pre-school/ nursery/ very young learner English teaching  over the years, and I’m doing it full time at the moment for the first time in quite a while, so will be writing about that and … Continue reading

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The most overrated things in TEFL Part Two

-Explaining everything you do This a classic example of the limitations of the philosophy of Diploma-level teaching: write your lesson plan on the board (language and human interactions are unpredictable, but your lessons obviously shouldn’t be), explain why you are … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles etc April 2009

No messing, no pointless attempts at humour (for once), just links to more serious stuff I’ve been publishing elsewhere: 15 ways of combining listening and reading 15 fun activities for practising a, an and the The 15 best tips for … Continue reading

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The most overrated things in TEFL Part One

Preteaching vocabulary The case for the prosecution: – I’ve had to train people on a “CELTA equivalent” course to teach three to five pieces of vocabulary, but if they ever asked why it couldn’t be two or zero I had … Continue reading

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Don’t do the CELTA

A guest piece by “TEFLelastic” I finished my CELTA about a two months ago and it was real shock, and in no way a pleasant one. Read about TEFL in The Guardian and it’s all “working holiday” and “see the … Continue reading

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