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Discussion questions for brainstorming (or brainstorming for discussion questions)

Another one of those things that are so simple that it’s difficult to believe I’d never come across them or come up with them before. Simply design discussion questions to also be used after to brainstorm specific vocabulary. For example, … Continue reading

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Conversation questions – 40 games, worksheets, articles and links

Used the “opportunity” of having to manually paste twenty or so links in to add my two articles on the topic, divide the worksheets up so that there are sections on conversation questions for specific grammar points and actual conversation … Continue reading

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New New Cutting Edge Intermediate worksheets

Update: All such worksheets now here:

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New TEFL articles and ideas April 2010

Might’ve listed the ones nearer the bottom before, but been a while since I’ve done one of these updates, so maybe not: 15 no prep games with just little scraps of paper 15 zero prep games with (whole) sheets of … Continue reading

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New TEFL PDFs April 2010 Part One

Your stressful week (Simple Past and Present Perfect, with bluff game) Stress at work Guess the job Rules for host families sentence completion pairwork (dependant prepositions and verb patterns) Describing your city Similarities and differences Possessions discussion questions … Continue reading

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New TEFLtastic communication games March 2010 Part Three

It suddenly occured to me that when I argue with people about the value of worksheets, we are often basically not talking about the same thing. I don’t do gapfills and other mechanical written grammar and vocab exercises in class … Continue reading

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Writing and reading

As it says in the article, The Big List of CPD in ELT that I linked a couple of posts ago was inspired by reading the (excellent but somehow difficult to imagine anyone buying) book The Developing Teacher. I originally started … Continue reading

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New EFL handouts Feb 2010 Part Two

Prepositions and body part mimes Comparative and superlative plus adverb Speaking Health problems mimes Writing reviews in English- Harry Potter Words often used in newspaper headlines Webquest Reading in English discussion questions

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New discussion questions page

I haven’t put in activities where students entirely make their own questions (my favourites, so ask if you want links to any), but I have put in examples of other good things to do with discussion questions like giving different questions to … Continue reading

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New PDF handouts Jan 2010 Part Two

If you can’t open PDFs for any reason or want to edit before you print, just highlight the text on the webpage, right click, copy, paste into a word processor programme and format and edit to your heart’s content. Feel … Continue reading

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