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Guest post: 11 tips for teaching controversial topics in the ESL classroom

A great post from Alice of Hot Take English, hopefully re-starting the once numerous and always popular TEFLtastic guest posts. For a lot of English language teachers, the mere thought of teaching a so-called “controversial” discussion topic in class is … Continue reading

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Further proof that CLT never had what it takes?

Macmillan have just sent me a PR announcement of their latest CLT title, but CLT doesn’t mean Communicative Language Teaching to Macmillan (any more?), it means Chinese Language Teaching. You can’t imagine the same doubling up happening to acronyms like … Continue reading

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The best summary of the present learning styles situation?

“There is no scientific evidence to show teaching to learning styles is effective, but what it has done is encourage lots of teachers to teach using different modes of information and actually all learners benefit from having information in visual, … Continue reading

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Variations on Suggestopedia

Suggestopedia is one of those old, old humanistic teaching techniques that for some reason still make up the majority of Delta Experimental Lessons. You’d think for it to be experimental you’d at least be using the latest variations on Suggestopedia, … Continue reading

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Mario Rinvolucri Handed Over to English UK

Photos have just emerged of the English UK Special Forces taking away a handcuffed Mario Rinvolucri from his secret lair under Pilgrims school in Canterbury. Rumours are that the management of the school have known for years that he was … Continue reading

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Is student-centred always a good thing?

No. I think it is fair to say that the main job of most of us is to improve our students’ English language skills. If we sit down to plan how to do so with an open mind, at least … Continue reading

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Dogme vs CLIL

I would say CLIL is almost certainly having more impact worldwide, what with the interest from publishers and school boards and the fact that it is associated with the primary and secondary schools where the vast majority of the world’s classroom hours … Continue reading

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New articles and reviews May 2010

By me 19 ways to make sure students understand your instructions English is everywhere for everyone (Was writing this for English Teaching Professional magazine, but then thought, nah can’t be arsed, so you get to read it here for free … Continue reading

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Live Listening quotes and links

“Live listening is where students are listening to people in a face-to-face situation – or whom they can physically see (such as in the theatre, etc). Different from listening to RECORDED EXTRACTS.” (definition from the ELT Wiki live listening page). … Continue reading

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Experimental lessons

Was hoping some of you could help me brainstorm things that could be done for the Cambridge DELTA experimental practice lesson, as well as any other advice on being experimental that they may have. The main difficulty in the DELTA is that you need … Continue reading

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