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Alternative error correction techniques and materials

Loads of more interesting and more effective ways of correcting language errors. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.  Updated 5 March 2020 The first alternative error correction technique I was introduced to – an error … Continue reading

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Avoiding correction of spoken errors

… or at least avoiding ending each and every stage or lesson by writing a list of mistakes up on the board. Whatever your attitude to that CELTA-tastic activity, having alternatives has got to be a good thing, I reckon. … Continue reading

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Scrap the marking code

I find laziness is the actual mother of invention, and when one day I decided that I couldn’t be bothered marking T for tense and P for preposition on my students’ work, I never ever went back. Now it’s: ____________________ = … Continue reading

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Getting away with little error correction

As I said at the end of my controlled speaking post below, I seem to get away with doing very little error correction during or after speaking activities. I say that because there is general agreement in my school that … Continue reading

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Why we really do what we do Part One- Error correction

For the last 18 months, I’ve been back to teaching classes of 12 to 16 adult students. I am also now teaching somewhere where some students instantly freeze up when they realise I am listening into their pairwork, some others hate to be interrupted, and most are happy … Continue reading

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TEFL soundbite of the month

…is not strictly of the month at all, as it’s from a blog that was last updated in 2007, but it was such a great random find I thought I’d stick it up anyway: “In education, as in most professional … Continue reading

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New Teaching English Reviews and Articles Dec 08 Part Two

Before I get onto the shameless selling of my own articles, I’d like to thank all book reviewers from 2008 (Kelly Quinn, Lara Promnitz-Hayashi, Dave Allen, Janis Crolla, Stephen Lodziak, Nicholas Whitely, Katie Cordes, Joshua Antle, Kaithe Greene, Paula Swenson, … Continue reading

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An A to Z of Korean English (Konglish) expressions

UPDATE: List now much expanded and polished up, including more listing of when it is the same in other languages. I’ve also since done a list of common errors for Korean speakers, worksheets for Koreans that deal with some of … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles October 2008

I have to fly away from my Yahoo BB internet connection now, and I may be some time. So while I am gone from cyberspace, you all have a chance to read the over 200 articles I’ve written elsewhere- starting … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles etc August 08

It was a quiet month (if you don’t count the sound of the cicadas), but that will just give you the chance to read all of them for once, starting with a new series of “well balanced…” articles on … Continue reading

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