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30 new TEFL articles and worksheets (Spring 2016)

A fairly typical amount of new stuff on and on TEFLtastic, though in my humble opinion the quality is getting a little better all the time… Help and Hindrance in IELTS Listening Whose is this Whose are these Possessives personalised … Continue reading

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Getting students to use more complex functional language

An expanded version of an article of mine just published in English Teaching Professional magazine as Keep Moving On Part One – available here on TEFLtastic for free! One of the best language learning tips that I have used and passed … Continue reading

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How to really teach imperatives

Updated 29 October 2018 Back in the bad old days of New Cambridge English Course and its like, most courses had a completely pointless unit teaching students to say “Turn off the lights” and “Don’t touch the paint”. That is … Continue reading

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15 links for teaching requests and offers

Teaching requests being especially important for an L1-lite classroom. Page now including an article on how to do so and four new worksheets, with at least two more to come shortly: Requests and offers activities

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New ELT articles and worksheets November 2012

Good for articles but not so hot for worksheets this month: Articles Comparative adjective games Advantages and disadvantages of using authentic texts in class Collocations games Different methods for ELT brainstorming Teaching the Future Perfect tense Prepositions for YLs – LINK … Continue reading

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New fun (?) EFL worksheets and teaching ideas December 2011

I know you have better things to do than look at a list like this – me too, but I’ve been planning to write it for a week and I have to do it now or the year in the post … Continue reading

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The language of requests teaching ideas

Article and seven worksheets on the topic here: Activities for the language of requests (article with game ideas) Requests and offers worksheets

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New TEFL articles and worksheets November 2011

I’ve mentioned some of these in my posts on tips and useful language etc, but the ones near the top of each section are those that have just gone up and I haven’t linked to before: Articles Teaching grammar in Business … Continue reading

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Free functional language worksheets

On sorting my Functional and Social English Games and other Worksheets out and adding links to relevant stuff on my Business/ESP and various textbook pages, I was surprised to find that I have about 60 of the little buggers, which is … Continue reading

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New TEFL Articles and Worksheets April 2008

Hopefully it’s just Mayday bank holiday rather than my lack of effort TEFLtasticwise recently that has seen a sudden drop in my number of views, but if only to make myself feel better I thought I’d give a list of … Continue reading

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