New TEFL articles and worksheets November 2011

I’ve mentioned some of these in my posts on tips and useful language etc, but the ones near the top of each section are those that have just gone up and I haven’t linked to before:


Teaching grammar in Business English classes – LINK FIXED

Stimulating practice for modals of possibility/ probability – LINK FIXED

How to teach the Unreal Past

Fun first conditional practice activities

Classroom activities to practise making requests

Classroom activities for IELTS Reading – LINK FIXED

Continuous aspect activities

How to teach teleconferencing in English – LINK FIXED

How to teach dealing with enquiries


Gestures and social language review (a combination of gestures that vary by country and lots of useful functional language that worked really rather well, though I say so myself)

IELTS comparing and contrasting practice (vital for both speaking and writing)

FCE The Future speaking and grammar

Too formal for most business meetings (a new way of dealing with formality?)

Business hospitality politeness review (a more traditional way of doing it)

Useful phrases for business reports (also for BULATS Writing Part Two)

Dealing with complaints politeness and functions

Social language for conferences and trade fairs (much more useful than you might imagine)

Academic writing tips and useful phrases

IELTS Speaking Part One tips and useful phrases

Teleconferences tips and useful phrases

IELTS Writing Part One tips and useful phrases

Dealing with telephone enquiries

Functional language for dealing with enquiries

Saying no to enquiries

Dealing with enquiries first lesson

No comment functions there, so feedback (e.g. on my typical typos) gratefully accepted here.

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2 Responses to New TEFL articles and worksheets November 2011

  1. Bekah says:

    Thanks so much for the list. It came at the perfect time…I am teaching politeness strategies for requests and responses today!

  2. Alex Case says:

    I always put these up in the hope that might happen, but I think you might be the first!

    This might also interest you:

    Click to access requests-guessing-games.pdf

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