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IELTS Speaking games/ worksheets now easy to find

The one good thing about needing to put each and every worksheet in the index pages manually is that I can finally put them in any order I like and generally get them properly organised for the first time in … Continue reading

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Really teaching IELTS Speaking Part Two

As it says at the beginning of one of the articles I’ve recently written on the topic, it seems neither textbooks nor my own worksheets were really teaching (rather than practising) this part of the exam. Hopefully made up for this … Continue reading

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My new stuff last month

Have just linked to some of this, but if you look at it the glass half full way that means most of it is being mentioned for the first time… Articles Teaching countable and uncountable nouns (almost certainly not the way … Continue reading

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New ELT articles and classroom handouts January 2012

Not a bad batch this month, though I say so myself… Articles Fun classroom activities for ordinal numbers – LINK FIXED Functional language for IELTS Speaking – LINK FIXED How to practise Used to Worksheets IELTS Speaking Clarifying language Cambridge First Certificate … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and worksheets November 2011

I’ve mentioned some of these in my posts on tips and useful language etc, but the ones near the top of each section are those that have just gone up and I haven’t linked to before: Articles Teaching grammar in Business … Continue reading

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Lots of lovely new articles and worksheets

Actually, I have no way of judging the loveliness of my own stuff, of course, just had a nice ring to it. Actually, lots could be an exaggeration too… Articles Adverbs of frequency games What your students need to know … Continue reading

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EFL exam materials

Classes cancelled again, I think mainly because of trains not running more than risk of more earthquakes or the wind blowing radioactive gas all this way. As the planned power cuts didn’t materialise today and anyway will probably not include … Continue reading

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New EFL worksheets November 2010

November 2010 Part One and Only (a bit more realistic than usual about my blogging abilities this month…) Starting and Ending Meetings (loads of lovely Business English functional language) Language of trends- Your week and life (personalisation for this vital IELTS … Continue reading

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IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, FCE, CAE and CPE worksheets, articles and tips

Have done a bit more tedious reorganisation so that you don’t need to do so much tedious searching, and you can now find all the links to my stuff on said topics elsewhere on the internet as well as my … Continue reading

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Busy making others busy

As a blogger and writer of articles on the internet whose technical knowledge stops at Word, as usual I feel half chuffed at churning out so many articles, including a good one here and there, and half guilty at creating … Continue reading

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