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10 beginning and ending emails classroom photocopiables

New page on the most important part of emailing in English, and the point I probably spend most classroom time on, now I’ve realised how pointless (if fun) it is to spend much class time on First Conditional and Past Continuous … Continue reading

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The most important and neglected kind of academic writing?

To my pleasant surprise, about 80% of my academic writing students last term chose “emailing to academic staff” as the most useful thing we covered in that course. The surprise comes from the fact that I’ve never seen it in … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles March 2012

Including lots of new ones on TEFLtastic for the first time in ages. Ones I haven’t mentioned yet at the top of each section. Different ways of doing a listening (an article format I’ve been wanting to write for ages … Continue reading

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My new stuff last month

Have just linked to some of this, but if you look at it the glass half full way that means most of it is being mentioned for the first time… Articles Teaching countable and uncountable nouns (almost certainly not the way … Continue reading

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New ELT articles and classroom handouts January 2012

Not a bad batch this month, though I say so myself… Articles Fun classroom activities for ordinal numbers – LINK FIXED Functional language for IELTS Speaking – LINK FIXED How to practise Used to Worksheets IELTS Speaking Clarifying language Cambridge First Certificate … Continue reading

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New ELT worksheets and articles October 2011

Articles The advantages and disadvantages of blind observations When the demands of the students and the person who is paying clash Why does my teacher make me correct my own answers? Why does my teacher stop me using my dictionary? … Continue reading

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Can emailing really be fun? Part Two

Emailing in English is a very important skill for most students, as there are many more people who read and send loads of emails in L2 than there are people who spend most of the day in English language meetings. The … Continue reading

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Lots of lovely new articles and worksheets

Actually, I have no way of judging the loveliness of my own stuff, of course, just had a nice ring to it. Actually, lots could be an exaggeration too… Articles Adverbs of frequency games What your students need to know … Continue reading

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Can emailing really be fun? Part One

Yet more of my stuff from MET. Must actually write some stuff, for here or there, at some point soon… Although most Business English textbooks and some General English ones have a couple of sections on emailing, they are vastly … Continue reading

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New English teaching worksheets June 2011

Some nice ones in this bunch, I reckon. Then again, I was quite proud of my hideously over-complicated telephoning lesson on Onestopenglish when it first went up… Big emailing functional language review Different kinds of IELTS Writing Part Two questions (in … Continue reading

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