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Stop speaking Japanese (etc)

… or How to React to Random English in Your Everyday Life Abroad. This was supposed to be in Tokyo’s freebie listings magazine Metropolis, but it was so badly mangled by the editor that I decided to publish the original version for free … Continue reading

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TOEFL to improve high school English?

The British government has finally learnt its lesson about dealing with ETS after many cock ups including the recent big fraud which means that TOEFL can no longer be used for immigration purposes, but that’s not stopping schools in Japan: … Continue reading

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ECC may have bought data stolen from owner of Berlitz

According to the newspaper Japan Times, the data on 75,000 high school students that large Japanese language school chain ECC bought might have been among that stolen by someone working at Benesse, owner of the Berlitz and ELS chains, plus the … Continue reading

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A very mixed story of unionisation in TEFL

An interesting bit of TEFL history from the Japan Times: Lado’s histoy and demise weren’t without their lessons Anyone know any stories with clearer conclusions on this most controversial of possible changes in TEFL?

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New teaching Japanese learners page

Given how I’ve spent eight of the last ten years and four of the six years of this blog teaching in Japan, you can be fairly sure that all my worksheets and teaching advice are suitable for that situation. I’ve also … Continue reading

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New germ free classrooms scrapped after scandal

Earlier this winter, one of the big two Japanese Eikaiwa (English conversation school) chains launched bacteria- and pollen-free teaching and learning booths with a loud speaker and pane of glass between the student and teacher, apparently inspired by prison interview … Continue reading

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University of Tokyo recruits first students able to graduate just through English

Just 27 so far, but is part of a trend that is almost balancing out the Japanese decline in housewife classes and interest in studying abroad (the other counterbalances being the recent start of compulsory lessons in primary schools and … Continue reading

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How easy is working in a Japanese "Eikaiwa" conversation school

A rare good thread on GaijinPot on the topic here.

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TEFLer in Japan among the 50 Great Britons of 2011

I was hoping the TEFLer in Japan on the Independent on Sunday list  would be me for writing over 50 articles this year on earth-shattering topics like teaching ordinal numbers and 1st conditional games, but apparently saving people’s lives is … Continue reading

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Minimal pairs for Japanese learners of English

I haven’t done lists of all of these yet (there are links to the ones I have) and some might not have any actual minimal pairs in English, but I’ll update as I keep working on this over the next … Continue reading

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