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New Aptis tips and materials page

Not sure how many students and teachers are interested in actually preparing for Aptis, but as I seem to be the only person to have published games and photocopiable worksheets on the topic, am hoping for a large market share … Continue reading

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New grammar for IELTS page

New article, new worksheets, old worksheets and places for upcoming worksheets on the most vital grammar points for IELTS on my new page on the topic here: IELTS grammar page

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Updated guide to Cambridge Proficiency books

I’ve recently been researching the next book for my Cambridge CPE class and found that all the info online is out of date, so thought I’d summarise my findings here. The only CPE textbooks which are updated for the post-2013 … Continue reading

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More bad IELTS tips

I recently published a list of 32 bad IELTS tips. That seemed like a lot, but then I remembered even more bad advice from textbooks, websites and students which I think is worth a mention. Would love to hear other people’s ideas too. … Continue reading

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New supplementary materials for Cambridge FCE textbooks pages

One whole new section created, one much expanded due to a reader motivating me to find and put up about 20 worksheets I’d forgotten about, and one just renamed to make it easier to find: Objective First page – NEW Complete … Continue reading

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22 key word sentence transformations links

Just in case you didn’t notice in the last post, a brief heads up that I’ve gone a little FCE sentence transformations crazy over the last couple of months, with an article and loads of new worksheets. I’ve also added … Continue reading

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30 new TEFL articles and worksheets (Spring 2016)

A fairly typical amount of new stuff on and on TEFLtastic, though in my humble opinion the quality is getting a little better all the time… Help and Hindrance in IELTS Listening Whose is this Whose are these Possessives personalised … Continue reading

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FCE Speaking Part Two teaching materials section expanded and reorganised

Possibly the most difficult part of Cambridge First Certificate Speaking and certainly the weirdest (“I’d like you to compare the two photos” “Why???), now made much more manageable and fun: FCE Speaking Part Two games, photocopiables and videos

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New Cambridge First Certificate Writing Part One essays page

I’ve only managed to write one worksheet on this new part of the exam so far, but have tried to make up for it by linking to all of the few other updated resources online and my other relevant functional … Continue reading

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EFL characters

I can’t find any trace online of it now, but when I first posted this I swear it linked to a robot character representing IELTS. Honest! That wouldn’t be the first EFL mascot, with even people who had no interest in … Continue reading

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