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Getting students to use more complex functional language

An expanded version of an article of mine just published in English Teaching Professional magazine as Keep Moving On Part One – available here on TEFLtastic for free! One of the best language learning tips that I have used and passed … Continue reading

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The simple but effective marking scheme I use in all young learner classes

It might well be a sign that I’m “doing a Tony Benn” (= actually becoming more left wing as I get older), but I increasingly avoid the competitive giving of points in YL classes, and absolutely refuse to get dragged … Continue reading

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Know any more active teaching English blogs?

Years after giving up on my blogroll due to the large and rapidly accelerating number of TEFL blogs, I’m having the opposite problem restarting it – the number of dead and dying TEFL blogs is getting in the way of … Continue reading

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How do free online resources compare to TEFL books?

and is that a worthwhile question to ask? My own ambitions go no further than providing something at least as easy to find good stuff from as the Reward Resource Packs, 5 Minute Activities etc that I used to rely on, but … Continue reading

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Free PDF e-books from TESL-EJ

They are also looking for more book ideas to publish: TESL-EJ books The site itself is always well worth a quick look, and they are one of the best places to review for.

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Expect a flood of criminal TEFLers to a school near you

According to the EL Gazette all British Council inspected schools in the UK will need to conduct criminal record checks from 2014, so if the country or school you are in doesn’t insist on such checks a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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Guardian still up to their TEFL advertorial tricks

I’d just finished a story on the end of Guardian TEFL Update for TEFL News via TEFLnet when into my inbox popped a Google alert for a piece in that very same paper called How to Choose a TEFL Course That’s Right For … Continue reading

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A controversial article on adapting worksheets?

When I wrote an article on adapting other people’s worksheets I thought it might be the whole idea of that being creative or my support of worksheets generally that might be controversial, but instead it was the copyright implications of … Continue reading

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EL Gazette archives free to view and fully searchable

I’ve been enjoying the amazing ability to view the whole of EL Gazette online for free every month for at least a couple of years now. (Don’t ask how they can possibly make money from making it free, they might … Continue reading

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Highlights from EtP and MET magazines for under ten pounds a year?

Have just come across the new website from the publishers of both English Teaching Professional and Modern English Teacher magazines, with highlights from their archives plus some extra content: As it would cost you 28 pounds for an online … Continue reading

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