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A short diversion in which we advert to ancient Chinese wisdom

A guest piece by Sputnik of The TESLA Coil ” All teaching is based on deception While everything may seem hunky-dory to outsiders, those of us in the profession know that TESL is, in fact, beset by problems.  Chief among these … Continue reading

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H1N1 as a reason for cancelling classes

… or just an excuse? You have to wonder. That is, you have to wonder if you are always paranoid about your last performance class. Sorry- sometimes my AmDram lovey side and my TEFL teacher side seem very close indeed, and … Continue reading

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From Inside Inside Teaching Part One- On Observations

From the fabulous book by Tim Bowen and Jonathan Marks “I bet you’ll have a fit when you see how I teach” (a teacher on being observed) pg 1 “What our observers say to us after our lessons reveals more … Continue reading

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Some new ideas about CPD in ELT

From July’s MET, and now here on my “CPD portfolio”* The aptly named article “CPD” by Keith Harding has some interesting ideas I hadn’t come across like a Self-SWOT Analysis and a snap-shot observation, but the really weighty matters are … Continue reading

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Can teacher development make you happy?

I’m reading The Developing Teacher by Duncan Foord, the latest title from the always interesting Delta Publishing (get hold of free TEFL books like this yourself by clicking here) and it popped into my head that teacher development does provide a … Continue reading

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Big Brother is teacher training you

‘“Gabriela, I want you to ask Kieran a question please,” [the head teacher] Benigno says into a microphone that conveys the instruction to the teacher’s earpiece. She’s noticed the boy turning round in his seat [on her monitor connected to … Continue reading

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The CELTA- what you’re letting yourself in for

The second in a new set of guest pieces (more writers wanted!), this time from recently CELTA certified blogger Jon Bellwood   “Thinking of doing a CELTA? Then before you take the plunge and lay down a substantial sum of … Continue reading

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Do you want the temporary buzz of moving on and/ or up too?

Doesn’t last of course, especially the initial thrill of being in the chaos of a third world city or in the chaos left for you by the last person who had that DoS job, but if having some kind of … Continue reading

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The Alternative ELT Jargon Dictionary Part 7

Community Language Learning– The theory that students getting together at break time to bitch about British food and their teacher is the best way of drawing them together and increasing their motivation to learn DoS– Director of Studies. Often confused … Continue reading

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New TEFL Articles and Worksheets April 2008

Hopefully it’s just Mayday bank holiday rather than my lack of effort TEFLtasticwise recently that has seen a sudden drop in my number of views, but if only to make myself feel better I thought I’d give a list of … Continue reading

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