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48 trivia quizzes for EFL students (TEFLtastic Classics Part 44)

Updated 5 April 2021 When I was posting my list of the best of 2020, I noticed that a couple of the top ones were trivia quizzes and thought I should make sure that I had linked to them from … Continue reading

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New daily routines vocabulary page

Yet another vital page that I somehow forgot to make for 13 years, in this case on “get up”, “have a shower”, “eat breakfast”, etc. Finishing an article and more worksheets on the topic at the moment, but in the … Continue reading

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New teaching acronyms and other abbreviations resources

Two new articles with many teaching ideas and a few photocopiable examples on two brand new pages on the topic: Abbreviations games/ worksheets page – NEW PAGE Acronyms games/ worksheets – NEW PAGE

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A new word formation game

Came up with this one a bit too late to put it in my new article on the topic, but possibly better than any of the ones that did get in there. Students get one point for each correct statement about other parts … Continue reading

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New TEFL articles and worksheets December 2010

Because I’d like to send every reader a real Xmas present each, but I don’t know where either of you live… Talking of Xmas, even more worksheets on that topic at the bottom, in case your students aren’t already sick of the topic … Continue reading

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New TEFL PDFs April 2010 Part One

Your stressful week (Simple Past and Present Perfect, with bluff game) Stress at work Guess the job Rules for host families sentence completion pairwork (dependant prepositions and verb patterns) Describing your city Similarities and differences Possessions discussion questions … Continue reading

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New Technical and Medical English worksheets

Some originally written for Onestopenglish but went missing during an editor change, so now available here for free: Technical English worksheets Medical English games/ worksheets

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New TEFL/ TESOL/ TESL/ TEFAL/ TEFLON articles etc July 2009

Too tired after trying to come up with that Google friendly blog post article to write anything about these, so here is just the list: Problems, solutions and variations with hangman in EFL classes (including links to online hangman games) Speaking … Continue reading

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What to do with

Morphases is a face photo manipulation programme that is easy to use and was the biggest hit of the month with my 8 to 11 year olds, with them fighting to speak English to tell me how to change the … Continue reading

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The best end of term revision games

One way of finishing the term is with Xmas-themed stuff (see the post below). Another good one is lots of fun revision games. As I’ve spent a few years teaching students who want to do every page in the book … Continue reading

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