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Useful language for Zoom lessons

After my first week of Zoom lessons, I’m more convinced than ever that students need to be specifically taught Social English (especially small talk and conversational reactions) to be able to communicate smoothly at the beginning and end of lessons … Continue reading

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Good time to teach teleconferencing/ video conferencing?

Amongst an understandable dive in my blog stats, perhaps the only one page which has increased in popularity compared to this time last year is one which has just made me realise that I should be teaching it to my … Continue reading

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My computer corrected me in class!

In one of the schools I work for the computers in the classroom make a strange bing-bong noise when the screensaver starts, one which sounds a lot like the sound that a wrong answer gets in a quiz show. It’s usually … Continue reading

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Using video to practise specific language points

Updated 9 March 2017 Been inspired by TEFL star Vicki Hollett’s blog carnival on the topic of video in ELT to finally put together a list of my many articles and worksheets on the topic in a more accessible way, including … Continue reading

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3D printers for TEFL

It’s obviously not going to happen for a while, but 3D printing strikes me as a rare example of technology in TEFL that I could go for. There must be other uses, but the main thing I imagine is being … Continue reading

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How much could search engines affect what we teach?

A version of this has existed for years in the teachers’ room – ideas in books with good indexes and photocopiable pages get over-used while others are ignored. In the same way, things which are easy to find in books … Continue reading

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Video in EFL page sorted

Five articles and 21 worksheets for past tenses, present tenses, future tenses, conditionals, prepositions, modals, reported speech, countable and uncountable, infinitive of purpose, feelings vocabulary, false friends, fluency practice, reference expressions, and personality words. EFL video games/ worksheets Including some … Continue reading

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My 14 articles on teaching technology now in one place

People who read the blog more than my articles might imagine that my advice on teaching with technology is just “Don’t”, but hopefully it’s a bit more nuanced than that… Teaching with technology articles Also added some blog posts to … Continue reading

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Learn English with Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington

I downloaded one of their record breaking previous series of podcasts and literally didn’t laugh once, and unfortunately this looks like more of the same. However, for those of us in the “profession” the fact that if Karl had a degree … Continue reading

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My new stuff last month

Have just linked to some of this, but if you look at it the glass half full way that means most of it is being mentioned for the first time… Articles Teaching countable and uncountable nouns (almost certainly not the way … Continue reading

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