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More Grammar Games articles and worksheets

UPDATE: More up to date list of my grammar articles here and grammar worksheets here. Links to these articles and worksheets given so that hopefully I can be forgiven for having written so many on tenses, as deeply unfashionable and … Continue reading

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New Technical and Medical English worksheets

Some originally written for Onestopenglish but went missing during an editor change, so now available here for free: Technical English worksheets Medical English games/ worksheets

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New TEFL/ TESOL/ TESL/ TEFAL/ TEFLON articles etc July 2009

Too tired after trying to come up with that Google friendly blog post article to write anything about these, so here is just the list: Problems, solutions and variations with hangman in EFL classes (including links to online hangman games) Speaking … Continue reading

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Games to practice relative clauses

Updated: The fruits of the musings below are now available at: Relative clauses games/ worksheets Have been really struggling to come up with some ideas for a couple of lessons on this. I usually just get students to define words … Continue reading

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