Complete list of ELT publishers 3rd draft

Updated 23 February 2018

I’ve been investigating this for a workshop I’m giving and all the lists online seem to be out of date, so here are all the ones I could find divided by size/ influence. If I’ve wrongly classified any or if you know of any others, however small and/ or local, please let me know by email or in comments below:

Large ELT publishers

Cambridge English

Macmillan English

Oxford University Press English Language Teaching

Pearson ELT (including Longman and Penguin)

Local parts of big ELT publishers (also publishing their own titles)

Macmillan LanguageHouse (Japan)

Smaller ELT parts of large or largish publishers

Barrons English Language Arts

McGraw-Hill ELT (but site no longer has ELT section…)

National Geographic Learning (part of Cengage, now seemingly incorporating Heinle ELT – which itself took over LTP – and Summertown Publishing)

Collins ELT

Scholastic ELT (especially readers)

Black Cat readers (readers in many languages)

Wiley English as a Second Language titles

Kaplan Publishing (ESOL stuff seems to be only TOEFL)

Books by organisations better known for TEFL magazines

It’s Magazines

(still have a Facebook page, but seemingly no actual website)

Pavilion Publishing (publisher of Modern English Teacher and English Teaching Professional magazines)

Medium-sized ELT publishers

Richmond (formerly Richmond Publishing, part of large Spanish publisher Santillana)

Express Publishing

Small but influential ELT publishers

DELTA Publishing

Helbling Languages

Garnet Education


theround (e-books only)

Mainly or entirely academic publishers

Michigan English Language Teaching

Routledge English Language Learning

Multilingual Matters

Taylor and Francis ESL and Applied Linguistics Professional Series

(apparently all now moved to Routledge)

Smaller ELT publishers that I don’t know the influence of

MM Publications

Global ELT (exam materials)

Language Solutions

Alta Book Centre Publishers

ELB Publishing

Pro Lingua Associates

Apricot (Japan-based publisher of materials for primary and pre-school, including fabulous picture books)

Compass Publishing (Korea, Japan and Taiwan)

WorldCom EFL Books (Korea) (there doesn’t seem to be a site in English)

RIC Publications EFL, TEFL and LOTE


Learners Publishing (China)

(seemingly taken over by Scholastic as the site now redirects there)

Graphi ELT Publishing

(Site gone, so presumably no more)

EFL publishers that only focus on one country

EFL Press (Japan)

Cornelsen Verlag (Germany – seems to be no English language site)

Ernst Klett Verlag (Germany – ditto)

Ones I know nothing about, not even the size

TESOL Bookstore

ELT publishers that were taken over (see above for more details on the publishers who took them over)

NorthStar ELT – Bought out by Collins, part of the Rupert Murdoch-owned Harper Collins

LTP – Taken over by Heinle, who were taken over by Cengage, who seem to be rebranding their ELT stuff as National Geographic Learning

Peter Collin Publishing – Taken over by Blackwell, who now seem to be called Wiley

Summertown – Taken over by Cengage (see above), but catalogue still here:

Heinle ELT – see above

Marshall Cavendish – ditto

Defunct ELT publishers (in case you are still looking for them)

Chancerel International Publishers

Georgian Press


Click on the ELT publishing category below for much more industry news and tips on getting published, and actual articles on the topic here.

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14 Responses to Complete list of ELT publishers 3rd draft

  1. Please do add the wonderful Vermonters at

  2. alexcase says:

    Thanks. Just added to the much expanded 2nd draft.

  3. alexcase says:

    About 6 more added to the third draft. Keep feedback coming!

  4. alexcase says:

    Two more to add:
    Kinney Brothers publishing
    mpi (Taiwan)

  5. alexcase says:

    Somehow forgot Brookemead, who have been nominated for an ELTON:

  6. alexcase says:

    Also ELI Readers, Easy Readers, and World-Wide Readers

  7. You could add ELI Publsihing. Over forty years’ history of producing course books, grammars, supplementary materials, graded readers, language games, magazines from A1 to C1 level, from primary to University students

  8. Please also add Grivas Publications

  9. BerLingo says:

    Great list! Not sure it’s always clear, but Routledge belongs to Taylor and Francis :) (I used to work for them!)

  10. Dick Patchin says:

    Delta Publishing( USA) has been in the English language market for the past 37 years. We publish one of the best selling TOEFL courses .Please add our Company to your list.

  11. Mary Meyers says:

    Thank you for the great list – it was so helpful to me since I’m trying to sell copyrights or find distributors.

  12. Kirsten says:

    Please can you move Pavilion Publishing out of just being a magazine publisher into small but influential? They have a very successful ETpedia series of teaching resources books and a growing list of Teaching English titles (methodology books), and the number of publications are growing. Thank you! :-)

  13. alexcase says:

    Hi Kirsten.

    Thanks for the update. No time to update the list at the moment, but sure people will see your comment.

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