Teaching the Academic Word List (AWL)

New article on the topic here:

How to teach the Academic Word List – LINK UPDATED

One of my main tips in the article is to combine the vocab with phrases they will also need, as I’ve tried to do in these worksheets:

Academic Word List giving examples phrases practice

Academic Word List advantages and disadvantages phrases practice

Academic Word List phrases for expressing purpose practice

Academic Word List comparing and contrasting phrases practice

Academic Word List practice of expressing cause and effect

The article also mentions analysing the AWL for kinds of academic vocabulary that they’ll use more often, as I’ve attempted to do here:

Academic Word List trends language

Academic Word List vocabulary for expressing certainty and uncertainty

Academic Word List positive and negative connotations

Academic Word List vocabulary with negative prefixes

Other (older) AWL worksheets:

Academic Word List bluff

Academic Word List collocations pairwork

Academic Word List dominoes

Related pages:

Academic Word List games/ worksheets page – NEW LINK

EAP games/ worksheets

Academic writing worksheets

University statement of purpose worksheets

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