Finding a Cambridge Delta local tutor (in Tokyo and worldwide)

I’m just starting work as a local tutor for a distance Delta candidate again, trying to remember what the jargon means etc six years after the last time. Although it’s not exactly lucrative by Japanese standards, I’ve been open to doing it again all that time for the intellectual stimulation and shine it puts on my CV. The problem was a suitable candidate and me finding each other, because neither Cambridge nor the Delta course providers (International House and British Council’s Distance Delta, Bell, NILE, etc) give any help at all with this.  Eventually, someone phoned my school in a desperate random attempt to find a tutor and a teacher who was in the office at the time happened to know that I’d done it before.

To save you having to go through the same quest for the holy grail of TEFL, I hereby offer my services in three ways:

  • Being your Delta tutor if you are reasonably close to Tokyo
  • Matching up Delta tutors and candidates through the comments section of this post
  • Giving the brief guide below

Getting in contact with a local Delta tutor

If you are looking for a local Delta tutor, if you are a Delta tutor, or if you think you could become one, please leave your status, proposed dates and location as a comment below. Please don’t put your email address in the comment – I’ll match people up and email them to check that they are interested and available and then put you in touch with each other. If possible, try to make your comment something that might come up on Google if someone searches for a tutor or candidates in your area, e.g. with a headline like “Bell Regional Delta Tutor and NILE Local Tutor in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Japan”. As I am not on any social media, it’s then well worth posting a link to this on Twitter, Facebook etc so enough people see your message.

If you are in the Kanto area and would like to use my own services, please contact me in the same way through comments below.

Guide to finding a local Delta tutor

The easiest way of finding someone to observe your Delta lessons etc is to get someone suitably qualified at your workplace to volunteer. If you choose to do Module 2 through the British Council/ International House, it really will be volunteering, because they don’t pay tutors. Therefore, at most places your tutor will need to negotiate with your school about getting some overtime payment to do it and/ or a (temporary) reduction in their other duties to give them time to do it. Hopefully a decent school would want their teachers doing the Dip and would want their senior staff doing structured teacher training, so this is a possibility. However, if no one in your school meets the criteria to become a Delta tutor and/ or can’t schedule it, there is very little possibility of using an outside person this way.

Other providers such as Bell and NILE pay the tutors directly. This means the tutor can come from outside your school and they won’t need to negotiate anything with their school, but almost certainly means they’ll need to do the Delta duties on top of their usual job. It is supposed to be about 30 hours spread over between 10 weeks and eight months, but it is usually considerably more the first time you do it, especially when you take the training to become a tutor into account.

In both cases, the candidate and tutor need to find each other and apply together (prospective tutors can’t apply first and then find candidates afterwards).

The third possibility is to pay a little extra to Distance Delta for them to observe all your lessons etc electronically, without needing to find someone local at all (for better or worse).

Being a Delta local tutor links

(Much) more Delta stuff (link now fixed)

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22 Responses to Finding a Cambridge Delta local tutor (in Tokyo and worldwide)

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  2. Amy B says:

    Delta Local Tutor in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
    Excellent idea, Alex. I am a qualified Local Tutor (did all the certification and training up with IH London last year) and available now in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Would be very happy to do it again!

  3. alexcase says:

    Thanks Amy. I’ll let you know if anyone from round those parts gets in touch, and please spread the word about this post.

    Just realised that it’s best if people make their comments more Googleable, e.g. with a headline like the one I’ve just added to Amy’s comment, or something like “Delta Local tutor needed in…” for candidates.

  4. Chris Ożóg says:

    Delta module 2 tutor, Local Tutor (RDT, LT) and Assessor based in Kobe, Japan. I’ll also occasionally supervise M3.

    Nice idea, Alex. Last year I went to Hokkaido for an assessment as the guy just couldn’t find anyone anywhere. Kobe is not exactly right next door to Hokkaido (as you’ll know)!

  5. alexcase says:

    I forgot about assessments, so thanks for volunteering for that too! Here’s hoping this post is googleable enough that some candidates end up here…

  6. Maria Conca says:

    Hi Alex,
    It’s a wonderful service you’re providing there.
    I know how it feels to be desperate when you’re doing M2. I couldn’t find a local tutor for M2 anywhere in South Italy while doing my Distance Delta. BC In Naples or Milan never replied to my emails. IH Rome just didn’t have a M2 at their school.The only option I had left was to do it face-to-face in the UK, which meant paying extra fees & expenses.
    I’m available for Delta mentoring/tutoring in the following cities in South Italy: Bari, Lecce, Foggia, Matera, Potenza, Salerno, Cosenza.

  7. alexcase says:

    Thank you for volunteering!

  8. Cate J says:

    Hi Alex

    Thanks for providing this service. I am currently struggling to find a Delta tutor in the Kansai area, so if you could hook me up with Chris Ożóg, who commented above, then that would be great.


  9. alexcase says:

    Hi Cate

    Just forwarded your email and message to Chris. Hopefully you’ll hear from him soon.

  10. Mihyun Kim says:

    Hello ,
    My name is Mihyun from South Korea. I’ve been looking for a DELTA tutor. I’ve got accepted onto IH London Distance DELTA and chose the online personal tutor option as I could’t find the local tutor here. I’ve known some teachers from the BC Seoul as I used to take classes there but they said they can’t receive money from me. I still believe that having a local tutor would be more beneficial than online tutor stuff…
    Do you know any local tutors who live in South Korea? Seoul? I will definitely pay them.
    Thank you so much!

  11. alexcase says:

    It’s a tricky situation because technically on a normal working visa they aren’t allowed to accept paid work from anyone apart from the organisation that sponsors their visa, unless they are on another visa because they are ethnic Korean or married to a Korean. It works better with Bell etc as that organisations pays the tutor from outside Korea.

  12. Sarah says:

    Great blog post and very useful idea! I am willing to train up as a regional Delta local tutor if anyone needs one in Northern Catalonia. I remember when I did my Delta how frustrating it was to travel such a long way to attend a course. Sarah.

  13. alexcase says:

    Thanks Sarah. Will let you know if anyone from round there gets in touch.

  14. Armando Teran says:

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the information you’ve posted.
    I’ve just completed M1 and would like to movie on to M2. I did the online prep course with Bell and would like to do M2 online as well. I’m based in Novokuznetsk – Russia.
    Hoping to hear back from you soon.

    Best regards,

  15. alexcase says:

    Hi Armando

    I’m not sure what you mean exactly by doing M2 online, but if you mean sending videos of your lessons then you can do that through Distance Delta without any need for a local tutor. If you want to do it through Bell and so need a local tutor, hopefully someone in your area will see your comment and I’ll put you in touch.

  16. Paul Barry says:

    I am hoping to find a regional DELTA tutor in the Bangkok area. I have completed module 1 and module 3 but am really struggling to find someone for module 2.
    Hope someone can help,

  17. Jovi says:

    Senior High School ALT based in Hyogo, Japan looking for a DELTA tutor (2019). Hello tefltastic, please help me out if possible.

  18. Hello! I am looking into TEFL certification, but have to settle for an online course with practicum as I cannot do an in person Trinity or similar certification course right now. I may do one of those later. But I am considering OnTESOL’s 120-hr course with practicum and applying for TEFL Canada accreditation after finishing. I live in Georgia and would love help finding DELTA qualified teachers who could observe my practicum. Atlanta would be great, but I’ll take recommendations from anywhere (also Alabama and anywhere nearby.) Thank you!

  19. sallyhirst says:

    Are you still doing this Alex ? I run the ITI online version (we are the fourth centre to run online M2 along with the three you have listed above – you have a link to my WordPress blog up there too – thank you) and I’m looking for a local mentor around Pisa in Italy. I’ve tried our alumni message board to no avail. We tell the teacher and the mentor (our word for it) they will have to organise the money between them, but we offer ideas on possible rates if that helps them.

  20. alexcase says:

    Hi Sally. Thanks for the comment. Will contact you if anyone in that area gets in touch.

  21. Yuka says:

    Hi Alex,
    I’m currently taking an online Delta M1 course and thinking about proceeding to M2 this September. I was wondering if you still offer your service as a local tutor. I teach at a private high school in Tokyo. If you could be my tutor or help me find one, that would be wonderful. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  22. alexcase says:

    Hi Yuka

    Not sure if I can fit it in myself, but your details are here if anyone else is available. I’ll email you and anyone who volunteers so you can arrange it.

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