New teaching English ideas and materials summer 2016

A comparatively small supply by my standards due to spending some time polishing up and trying to sell a few more copies of my book, but I guess 200 phrases, four articles and 27 worksheets isn’t bad for a summer’s work. I’m particularly fond of the article on the idiocies of FCE myself…

New lists of useful language

The 100 most useful phrases for business meetings

The 100 most useful emailing phrases

New TEFL articles

25 stupid things about Cambridge First Certificate

How to complain and deal with complaints on the phone

How to leave and take telephone messages

How to end phone calls smoothly and politely

New TEFL photocopiable classroom materials

Newspapers and News Opinions and Vocabulary

Making FCE Speaking Part Three Tasks

Language Learning Likes and Preferences

Comparing & Contrasting phrases sentence transformations

Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) Speaking Part Three on language learning

How Many Are There? Speaking Games

Movies Vocabulary and Self-Study Discussion

Do You Like Animals Personalised Random Pelmanism Card Game

Be and Have for Describing Appearances games

IELTS Academic Writing Part Two Longer Phrases

Describing Places Adjective Word Order

Basic Personal Questions Coin Bluffing Game

Subject Questions Guess The Person Game

Subject Questions Free Speaking

Nationality Words Bluffing Game

Reported Questions Games

Food and Drink Comparatives Discussion and Presentation

Basic Questions about Animals

Learning and Using English Extended Speaking with Subject Questions

Key Word Sentence Transformations The Same or Different Pairwork

Brainstorming travel vocabulary

Language learning problems with so, such, too and enough

Comparing and contrasting reviews vocabulary

Recommending arts and media

Comparing Places Comparative Adjectives Practice

Word Stress Maze Game

Modals of Deduction Guess the Sport

See posts below for more.

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2 Responses to New teaching English ideas and materials summer 2016

  1. Miriam \Mimi\ Smith says:

    Do you by chance have the answer key for some of the handouts? If so, where are they located?

  2. alexcase says:

    Some have the answer key included in the same document, some don’t need answer keys because they are just communicative activities, and some I’m afraid I just didn’t have time to make an answer key. If any of the answers aren’t clear, please leave another comment and I’ll do my best to answer.

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