Grammar games/ worksheets

Updated 11 December 2014.


Present tenses

- Present Simple

- Present Continuous

- Present Simple and Continuous

Present Perfect

- Present Perfect Continuous

- Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Past tenses

- Past Simple page

- Past Continuous page

- Past Perfect page

- Used to page

Future tenses

- Present Continuous for arrangements

- Going to

- Will

- Future continuous


- First conditional

- Second conditional

- Third conditional

- Mixed conditionals

Unreal past


Have something done

Tense review/ question formation/ auxiliary verbs


Continuous aspect

Perfect aspect

Other grammar points

Possessives – NEW

Infinitive of purpose

There is/ are/ was/ were

Linking expressions


- Prepositions of position

- Prepositions of time

- Prepositions of movement

- Dependent prepositions


- Modals of obligation, prohibition and permission

- Modals of probability/ possibility/ deduction

- Can/ Can’t

- Want/ Want to

Countable and uncountable

Reported speech


- Adverbs of frequency


Relative clauses

Comparatives and superlatives

Verb patterns

Related pages

Teaching grammar articles/ tips/ games ideas

Business grammar worksheets page

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